How Can One Outsource Android Application Development Services

How Can One Outsource Android Application Development Services

Smartphones are much more than communication devices now. They have become such an integral part of our lives that it is difficult to stay away from them for even a day. A smartphone is nothing but an expensive pocket-size processing machine. But that’s just about the hardware. The fascinating aspect of today’s smart mobile devices is the applications—the primary driver of the exponential growth of smartphones. From shopping or ordering food to book cabs or checking the weather, apps are the new-age genie.

Appreciated by users worldwide, Android – the leading mobile operating system – is getting increasingly innovative year after year. Currently, 85 percent of smartphone users prefer this operating system (OS) due to its ease of use and a wide range of supporting brands. This is the reason that there has been a slew of new application releases, each fighting to take advantage of the rising demand. With Google Play Store already hosting close to 3 million apps, the competition is noticeably intense.

For Android application developers, building best-in-class applications is critical as the competition is tremendous. In other words, it is difficult to survive if your app lacks cutting-edge features or is less-than-competent in comparison to other similar ones in the app market.

If yours is an Android app development company, you should try to create premium quality apps providing best-in-class user-experience in order to remain competitive in this demanding industry. In fact, apps have a tendency to perform in a slightly different manner across different devices. Android application developers need to keep this in mind while developing an application from scratch.

However, this is easier said than done, because creating a customized mobile application is no mean feat. In this regard, outsourcing the Android application development services is a viable option considering the feasibility factor and the ROI it creates compared to in-house development or freelancing.

At present, the market is flooded with app developers having diverse credentials, which makes it tricky to select the right agency for outsourcing the project. So, for outsourcing Android app development services, you have to pay close attention to your requirements and search for a development agency from a strategic point of view.

Let’s take a look at some of the parameters you need to have in place for outsourcing your Android application development services.

User Preference Is the Top Priority

The focus should be on the target audience and their preferences. The same vision should be shared by the agency while developing the application.

Innovation All the Way

Android application development is a dynamic process. The mobile application development agency to which you are outsourcing the project to should have innovative ideas that can add value to your specifications and make it even better.

Past Credentials - android application development services

Past Credentials

The track record of the agency is a significant differentiator use can use to understand the agency’s potential. However, an impressive track record does not guarantee error-free application development.

The Right Communication Schemes

There should be diverse scope for engaging with the entire development team involved in your project and not just the project manager. This will ensure clear communication between you and the actual people working on your project and will also enable the developers to have first-hand clarification of their queries.

Expertise in Application Development

Thoroughly analyze the portfolio of the Android mobile app development agencies you are considering. The agency you select should have a diverse expertise in application development. So, while you take care of your business growth in terms of marketing and branding, the agency can complement you by creating customized applications aptly represent your enterprise.

The Right Technical Know-How - android application development services

The Right Technical Know-How

Mobile application development agencies are abreast with a recent technological breakthrough when it comes to application development. So, by relying on them, the development responsibility is passed on to experts who know their job very well.

Fixed Price Contracts

The charges of a mobile application development agency are mostly fixed and are determined on the basis of the development work that they are doing. This will help in your cost management to a great extent.

Project Management Expertise

Budding entrepreneurs can find it difficult to manage the pressure of application development. So, a mobile application development agency can come to the rescue by involving dedicated project managers to manage your project.

Long Lasting Relationship

You need to upgrade your application going forward in order to maintain market share in a competitive environment. You might have to incorporate changes, tweak details or enhance the aesthetic quotient. All these and much more will be addressed very effectively once you have a long-standing relationship with an application development agency.

Long Lasting Relationship - android application development services

HokuApps for Best Technological Intervention

Your Android applications should be agnostic to OS platforms and devices if you want them to thrive in fierce competition. This is where outsourcing can make a difference. A good mobile application development agency is likely to have the best available technologies, such as mobile application development platforms (MADP) based on rapid application development (RAD) methodology.

These are vital tools for developing superior quality applications. Big agencies are always a few notches up when it comes to the incorporation of latest tools and technologies. So, you can even inquire your potential partner about the technologies they leverage to complete an Android application development project.

On the other hand, you can also take into account HokuApps MADP to fulfill your requirement. HokuApps is an end-to-end solution that covers the entire lifespan of Android mobile app development – from inception to final release. Its low-code platform app launches up to 10 times faster than any other similar tools in the market.

You can build applications with an appealing user-interface, high-end functionality, and top-notch security. HokuApps’ platform is compatible with all major mobile OS platforms like iOS, Android, and Windows. It provides seamless integration with existing systems and facilitates scalability per the evolving business scenarios.