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Mobile app development services for your unique ecosystem

Create and deploy mobile apps faster on HokuApps MADP
HokuApps Mobile Application Development Platform

Build Mobile Apps FAST

HokuApps MADP lets you create smart and agile mobile solutions for even the most complex workflows, deployed in no time.

mobile application development platform - HokuApps

Revolutionize your workplace with workflow-specific apps developed to suit your ecosystem & business processes on our Enterprise Mobile Application Development Platform. Instantly develop and deploy mobile apps for a wide range of use cases. Our platform offers one-click integration to over 500 third-party applications with built-in connectors for legacy systems, to develop and deploy enterprise-grade mobile apps rapidly.

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Mobile Application Development Platform

Our MADP Platforms offer a very unique and different approach to building technology solutions. With a platform that has powerful inbuilt tools - granular user access, powerful reporting, unified communication platform, reliable security model - your ideas get implemented within weeks.

Build fast Mobile Apps - HokuApps
Build Apps at 10X Speed
Visually develop your apps at rapid speed with on-demand business modules
Enterprise mobile application development platform
Apps that Connect to YOUR Systems
Connect the app to any existing system at the click of a button, seamlessly!
Mobile App Development - HokuApps
Visually Stunning UI
Offer native-like mobile app experience and responsiveness to your customers
MADP Platform
Meaningful Data, Anytime – Anywhere
Extend your business’s value by connecting with hundreds of front-end and back-end tools
Best Industry Security Solutions HokuApps
Industry-Best Security Solutions
Keep all business critical data safe behind enterprise-grade firewalls with HokuApps MADP
Mobile Application Development Platforms
Remarkable Scalability
Is your business growing exponentially? Simplify the complexities of increased users and data volume
Apps that Work on All MADP Platforms HokuApps
Apps that Work on All Platforms
Deploy flawless apps across the Cloud or on-premise, on iOS, Android and Windows, effortlessly!
MADP Platforms HokuApps
From Spec to Deployment
Experience the power of real-time metrics and reports in the palm of your hands. HokuApps handles it all.

Why HokuApps Mobile Application Development Platform?

Developing Strategy and Providing Consultancy Services
Developing Strategy and Providing Consultancy Services
If you want to implement an enterprise mobile application development strategy, we can provide you our expert services for the same.
Providing Options for Scalability
Providing Options for Scalability
We can understand that your growing business needs would require scalable options and HokuApps MADP solutions provide the same.
Upgrade Your Legacy Systems
Upgrade Your Legacy Systems
Modernize your legacy systems to adopt new business strategies. We use innovative tools and technology to future-proof your business.
System Integration
System Integration
Today's topmost need is integration as customers are facing the challenge of evolving innovative technologies. We help you meet this challenge and ensure that your clients have a brilliant user experience.

On-Demand Enterprise Apps on HokuApps MADP

Getting your next app out the door is easy with HokuApps Mobile Application Development Platform. Save time and start with one of on-demand business modules, for web and mobile, that offer organizations with inbuilt best practices, well-established business process workflows, which make it easy to make an app faster.

Mobile Application Platform
HokuApps Field Service
Mobilize your organization with HokuApps Field Service App
HokuApps Mobile Platform CRM
HokuApps CRM
Selling Anywhere, Anytime with HokuApps CRM
HokuApps HR Mobile Platform Human Resource
HokuApps Human Resource
Digitize your workplace with HokuApps Human Resource App
HokuApps Executive Dashboard
HokuApps Executive Dashboard
Real-Time tracking with HokuApps Executive Dashboard App

Tailored Professional Services

We offer a host of professional services and are committed to working with every customer to find the option that best meets their organization's individual needs.

Get Value from Enterprise Mobility

Mobile Application Development Platform

Enterprise Mobile App Development Strategy

Tracking and analyzing mobile initiative with a more quantitative approach to measure Return on Investment.
Mobile Application Development Platform (MADP)

Real-time Data on Mobile

Get real-time visibility with customized metrics and dashboards, to maneuver your enterprise in the right direction, with data-driven decisions.
Mobile App Development Platform

Real-Time Collaboration Brings Big Red Teams Together

Mobile application and its integration enabled Big Red to schedule its service employees more efficiently, and increase customer satisfaction.
Customers Driving Digital Transformation