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How PTI QCS Connected Data Across its Multiple ERP Systems

Working with HokuApps proved incredibly easy, as the solution connects apps so users can receive notifications in whichever app they are using

The Detroit-based company supports auto manufacturers through solutions for quality service, engineer coding and supply chain management. This work extends across the U.S., Brazil, Canada and Mexico, reaching a base of more than 1,000 customers, most of which are Fortune 500 companies. PTI QCS had long depended on multiple enterprise resource planning systems and using diverse communication channels to get the job done. Having multiple ERP solutions in place alongside diverse communication channels and operations extending across international borders added up to create incredible complexity.

With the app platform in place, PTI QCS was able to streamline all of the processes that are not fundamental to value delivery, driving personal productivity gains as communications gaps disappeared. HokuApps became a central hub for apps and services to interact, making it much easier to maintain everyday operations.

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How PTI QCS connected data across its multiple ERP systems
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