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7 Steps to Write a Great Mobile Application Requirement Document

Lay the groundwork of your enterprise mobile application.

Instantly Webify Your Legacy Applications

Legacy Applications & ERPs on same platform

Why Your Organisation Should Leverage a RAD Platform?

Seizing Opportunities with RAD Platforms

Reasons Why Mobile Application Development Platforms Are Getting More Popular In 2018

To keep up with this demand, mobile application development platforms are impossible to overlook. If a business must make itself reputed positively, it is to be expected that they have an app on the Apple and Google app stores. It’s no wonder that mobile application development platforms are the go-to software development solution for success-oriented organizations today.

Enterprise Mobility: Speed is the New Currency in A Digital Economy

Every industry is subject to the impact of digital transformation, and companies find themselves scrambling for enterprise mobility management platforms to adjust. The evolving expectations of customers have left no space for extended development processes. Enterprises must sync their departments and processes in order to deliver premium content within increasingly tight deadlines.

Enterprise Rapid Application Development (RAD) Platform Success Factors
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Described in this PPT are the key components that each business is armed with by partnering with HokuApps Rapid Application Development platform as a business's systems development methodology. It enables developers to create applications using a single code base that can adapt to any web and mobile platform with cross-platform portability.

Enterprise Mobility – Reinventing Business Strategy in the Era of Digital Disruption
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With competition getting more Darwinian by the day, enterprises need to invest in enterprise mobility solutions so that they stay ahead of the competition and provide the best services to their customers.

Create Mobile Apps at 10X Speed with HokuApps

HokuApps is a Rapid Mobile App Development Platform. We build apps at 10X speed so that you can keep an eye on all that's important while we do the heavy IT lifting.

Enterprise Mobility – Why Every Business Needs It

In the age of technological disruptions, a business is not only judged by its brand reputation, market visibility, and physical assets, but also by its degree of mobility. Therefore, empowering employees with customizable enterprise mobility management solutions and applications can help corporate entities remain competitive while strengthening their organizational framework simultaneously.

Why Mobile Application Development Maintenance is Extremely Important – HokuApps Approach
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Organizations face several challenges when developing enterprise mobile applications. The HokuApps mobile application development platform also safeguards critical data behind enterprise-grade firewalls. Active mobile application development maintenance of enterprise mobile application development is crucial; else it runs the risk of failing to adjust to progressions and will stop working altogether.

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