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7 Steps to Write a Great Mobile Application Requirement Document

Lay the groundwork of your enterprise mobile application.

Instantly Webify Your Legacy Applications

Legacy Applications & ERPs on same platform

Why Your Organisation Should Leverage a RAD Platform?

Seizing Opportunities with RAD Platforms

Build Mobile Apps Incredibly Fast – Imagine the Possibilities

With our mobile application development platform, organizations can build and deploy mobile apps customized to their unique ecosystem in a radically short time frame. By providing a flexible layer of automation to the app development process, HokuApps delivers the benefits of Digital Transformation without the need of creating solutions from scratch.

Build and Deliver Apps Faster with HokuApps Best RAD Software
Quick Guide

The HokuApps RAD Platform low code approach reduces the requirement to write heavy codes. With the reduced coding burden, there are significantly lower bugs due to automation in data structuring. As a result of this, the app development process is streamlined and accelerated, allowing you to deploy the app without friction in integration.

10 Factors to Consider While Selecting a Rapid MADP

Rapid MADPs enable organizations to take advantage of enterprise mobility thanks to the modular approach to mobile app development that these platforms offer. Instead of typing thousands of lines of code, Rapid MADPs provide low-code, visual interfaces for the design and customization of mobile apps.

5 key PaaS Benefits and What They Mean for Your Business

The hype surrounding PaaS is substantial, but how does the technology impact your business? PaaS technology creates a stable hosting environment between the operating system and the application, giving organizations flexibility to quickly create and customize apps that can share data and work well with one another.

CIO – Mobility Guide

Employees have embraced mobility and are getting results, but many are still turning to non-corporate apps. CIOs can empower mobile users to stick with enterprise-grade solutions and keep data safe, but they need the right apps to support these goals. App platforms streamline development so CIOs can support mobile transformation by reacting to challenges as they emerge. Rapid mobile application development platforms can go a long way in easing these challenges.

Mobile Enterprise Strategy

The effect of mobilizing people and processes has a quite a colorful pallet of advantages. This vibrant canvas could blur your business agenda and motives for going mobile, considering the list of obvious qualitative advantages mobility has to offer. It is important to stay on track and analysis your mobile initiative, with a more quantitative approach, that measures your Return on Investment (ROI).

3 Business Factors That Are Driving Legacy Apps to the Cloud

With business factors increasingly driving IT decisions, technology leaders must take a close look at their legacy apps and reevaluate whether they are getting the job done as is or if those solutions need to be fine-tuned to work better alongside cloud services.

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