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Deploying a mobile automated self-service solution offers your entire workforce quick access to critical data, helping to attract and retain talent.

Empower Your Workforce like Never Before - Anywhere, Anytime

HR managers are constantly being challenged to enhance efficiency and provide better employee services. HokuApps HR App enables more effective communication across the organization. Give your employees the capacity to gain access and maintain their records like adress, marital status, number of dependents and such to help guarantee that all data is accurate and updated. Automated notifications are sent to the HR workforce to take active action.
Self Service
Self Service

Choosing employee self-service plans that feature mobile apps is an important way to maximize the overall effectiveness of your self-service plans.

Offline Usage
Offline Usage

HokuApps HR App allows offline synchronization to ensure that you are always connected.

KPI Indicator
KPI Indicator

The Key Performance Indicator (KPI) demonstrates helps the employees to understand and rate their performance.

Employee Onboarding

Employee Onboarding

Enable your human resource to ease employee onboarding process

Onboarding Process Management App irons out the first step to your organization for new employees. It ensures new employees and other stakeholders have a seamless experience. From generating offer letters to signing them to collecting tax information can be completed over mobile devices in real time. HR, Accounting & IT team can be notified at the right time for required resources to ensure highly efficient processes.

Time-Sheet Management

Empower employees to maintain their time-sheet anywhere, anytime
Time-Sheet Management App ensures that resources are accurately accounted & billed. Push notification feature enables managers to approve/reject timesheets in a timely manner. Managers capture time entries using date & project codes within seconds. Multiple engagements of different nature can be managed from one App. Reporting capabilities help in avoiding rework for the accounting & billing team.

Time-Sheet Management

Enable and Modernize Your Digital Workplace

Prompt Notifications

While updating an employee policy or a significant information to be broadcasted to the organization, HokuApps's instant notification comes to the rescue.

Multi-step Approval

In organizations that have a hierarchy, multi-step approvals are significant.This process helps you to give an approval or rejection on a record at many levels, depending on the way the organization functions.

Live Feeds and Collaboration

Prompt alerts and real-time feed help in better collaboration in the team. Employees and managers can discuss things on the go, helping make decisions faster.

Setting Reminders

With HokuApps, you take actions in time for significant events by switching on Reminders! Such reminders can be set for reviews, appraisals, and other significant events!

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