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Enterprise Rapid Application Development (RAD) Platform

RAD platform that helps you transform ideas into solutions

CEOs Have Begun Digital Business Transformation
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Build Enterprise Applications 10 Times Faster

HokuApps enterprise RAD platform lets you adopt custom workflows supporting a diverse line of business. The low-code design helps in improving collation by quickly integrating disparate apps and data. Empower users to create intelligent, agile solutions in sync with existing workflows.

RAD Platform

With the business environment be-speckled with legacy software and disparate systems like ERP and CRM, HokuApps' custom built connectors help your business make all systems work as a unified and streamlined process. Offering one click integration with over 500 different apps, HokuApps lets you instantly build capabilities that matters the most to you.

Rapid Application Development Platform

Our rapid enterprise application development platform offers a low code approach to integrate with existing systems. Inbuilt connectors allow it to float with existing enterprise applications ensuring, standardization, revenue maximization, and workflow optimization. Integrated tools empower users to quickly integrate BPM into application modernization.

Reduce Time to Market
Dramatically reduce time to market for custom application development with the modular approach of "pre-packaged" interfaces on our easy rapid application development environment platform.
Instantly Connect Disparate Systems
With the enterprise environment dotted with legacy applications, data sources and ERP's, our inbuilt connectors help you make them all work together, streamlining any processes.
Enhance Existing IT Systems
The platform enhances, not replaces your existing IT systems and enables you to maximize your current investments.
Exceed User Expectations
HokuApps comes with enterprise-grade features allowing you to create beautiful applications that are secure, scalable and always available.
Unify People, Processes and Technology
Align your IT strategy with the Business Strategy by forming a balanced alliance of People, Processes and Technology, accelerating your Digital Transformation journey.
Keep Costs Down
Real-time data access assists you to easily identify optimization requirements to keep costs low and users delights.
Float over Your Existing IT Systems
HokuApps platform safeguards and enhances your current IT investments, by floating over your existing systems. Offering one click integration with over 500 different apps along with inbuilt connectors that allow communication between your existing ERPs, CRM and others, HokuApps maximizes agility, brings people and processes together while unbridling collaboration and speed.
Adapt, Integrate and Extend
Pre-Built Mobile Templates

Develop and extend your existing enterprise systems by quickly creating turnkey mobile applications using our pre-built templates for custom workflows. With a platform that has powerful inbuilt tools - granular user access, powerful reporting, unified communication platform, reliable security model - your ideas get implemented within weeks.

Discover HokuApps Mobile Platform
Data Driven Decisions

Free your data to move seamlessly across the data supply chain, helping surface insights that are universally accessible across the organization. Using pre-built connectors, the cloud based platform brings data together without the technical burden associated with enterprise resource planning and similar data integration systems, reducing costs and complexity substantially.

Discover HokuApps Data Platform
Creating Applications Enabling Digitization in Days or Weeks (Not Months)

PTI QCS connected data across its multiple enterprise resource planning systems

Big Red Environmental Group created a full-fledged mobile app integrated with existing systems

Plant Nigeria’s real-time collaboration platform for geographically diverse work locations

Tailored Professional Services

We offer a host of professional services and are dedicated to serving our customers in a way that can meet their organization's unique needs.

Explore the Impact of Rapid Application Development
Why Your Organization Should Leverage a RAD Platform
Application development initiatives were once limited solely to the most technologically advanced companies in select industries. This is no longer the case.
Webify Legacy Application to Extend Current Investments
Integrating legacy apps into the cloud eliminates maintenance and management overhead that comes with keeping them running, maximizing the value potential of legacy technologies.
Connecting Geographical Locations to Realize Greater Efficiency
Plant Engineering builds and deploys custom applications for real-time file sharing across geographically diverse work locations.
Customers Driving Digital Transformation
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