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HokuApps Technology Helps Businesses to Provide Best-in-Class Customer Experience
Singapore, August 21, 2019:HokuApps is a preferred partner for companies looking at digital transformation, helping organizations accomplish their key business objective. HokuApps builds custom software solutions with integrated capabilities ten times faster, enabling organizations to streamline their systems, increase revenue, ensure employee satisfaction and improve customer experience and helping organizations turn digital transformation into a successful reality.
HokuApps Rapid Application Development Platform for Technology Solutions 10X Faster
Singapore, August 6, 2019:The HokuApps Rapid Application Development (RAD) platform develops custom cross-platform applications for any business ten times faster than any traditional app development methodologies. Unlike traditional methods, the RAD methodology uses predefined prototyping techniques and tools to produce software applications. For tool integration, RAD uses an interactive Graphic User Interface (GUI) to drag and drop the required software application components.
HokuApps Automation Platform helps Improve Efficiency for the Field Service Industry
Singapore, July 16, 2019: HokuApps, a Rapid Application Development (RAD) platform, simplifies the business process to help improve efficiency for businesses in the field service industry. As more and more businesses turn to digital transformation to streamline their technology, it is now becoming imperative for the field service industry as well to walk down this path for ease of business.
HokuApps Technology helps Businesses on their Digital Transformation Journey with our Enterprise Mobility Solutions
Singapore, July 01, 2019:  Enterprise mobility is changing the way companies conduct their business, both internally and with their customers. HokuApps a leading rapid application (RAD) platform, offers enterprise mobility solutions to businesses across sectors being the true technology partner for companies on their digital transformation journey. 
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