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HokuApps Technology helps Businesses on their Digital Transformation Journey with our Enterprise Mobility Solutions
Singapore, July 01, 2019:  Enterprise mobility is changing the way companies conduct their business, both internally and with their customers. HokuApps a leading rapid application (RAD) platform, offers enterprise mobility solutions to businesses across sectors being the true technology partner for companies on their digital transformation journey. 
HokuApps’ Machine Learning Platform is a Boon to Businesses on their Digital Transformation Journey
Singapore, June 10, 2019: The rise of artificial intelligence in business processes is revolutionizing the way businesses design their internal systems, analyze their data, and interact with customers. That’s why HokuApps is paving the way for businesses to transition to artificial intelligence and machine learning with its cutting-edge development engine.
HokuApps helps Businesses Navigate Complex Technological Disruption with the Power of Automation
Singapore, May 27, 2019: As more and more businesses turn to digital transformation to streamline their technology, rapid application development (RAD) platform, HokuApps, simplifies the process with rapid turnaround time. One of the pillars of the digital transformation movement is in technological automation, allowing tasks to be completed without human assistance.
Cloud Expo Asia 2018: Hokuapps Showcases a New Model for Digital Transformation
Singapore, November 13, 2018: HokuApps, one of the leading application development platform companies in the world, made a strong presence at the recently concluded Cloud Expo Asia held at the Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Centre on October 10-11, 2018. The annual gathering brings together regional as well as global technology experts, business leaders, developers, educators, policymakers and other movers and shakers in the digital media and information technology (IT) sector. 
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