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Benefits of Low Code Enterprise RAD Platform Introduced by HokuApps
SINGAPORE, October 23, 2017: HokuApps Enterprise RAD Platform as a Leader in the low code application development. Our RAD Platform facilitates the creation and deployment of enterprise apps with minimal coding and half the required training. Low code RAD Software frameworks ensure a wider scope for innovation and enable the involvement of both the technical and the marketing team.
As Digital Transformation Looms, HokuApps is the Ideal RAD Platform Technology Partner
Singapore, October 6, 2017: In today’s business climate, consistent innovation and speed of execution are requirements for organizational growth and success. HokuApps, the leading technology partner for digital transformation initiatives armed with the RAD Platform, provides the right digital tools for all business processes.
HokuApps Appoints Howard U as the Senior Manager, Emerging Markets
Singapore, September 2017: Howard U joins HokuApps as the Senior Manager, Emerging Markets, taking responsibility for the augmentation of HokuApps growth plans in the Singapore headquarters as well as emerging markets such as Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Philippines
HokuApps Appoints Deniel Singh as the Business Director, APAC
Singapore, September 2017: Deniel Singh joins HokuApps as the Business Director, APAC, taking responsibility for creating and implementing new strategies to augment HokuApps' growth plans.
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