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Build and Deliver Apps Faster with HokuApps Best RAD Software
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The HokuApps RAD Platform low code approach reduces the requirement to write heavy codes. With the reduced coding burden, there are significantly lower bugs due to automation in data structuring. As a result of this, the app development process is streamlined and accelerated, allowing you to deploy the app without friction in integration.

Digitize Your Enterprise with HokuApps RAD Platform
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The HokuApps RAD Model’s focus on automated coding tools substantially reduces workload for developers. With the rapid application development model, time, resources and energy can be directed to aspects other than writing endless lines of code. The HokuApps RAD Platform inevitably makes an enterprise a force to be reckoned with. Apps hit the market without delay and suffer no flaws in operability.

Rapid Application Development (RAD) Platform – Advantages & Disadvantages
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A build vs. buy philosophy does not allow organizations to create business-specific apps that can quickly adapt to market demands. This leads to operational inefficiencies. Only early adopters of RAD platform can cope with the ever-changing app development scenario, and develop apps that can be deployed in days or weeks and not months.

HokuApps Enterprise RAD Platform for Fast Application Development
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Developed to address the most pressing challenges pertaining to app development across industries, this rapid application development platform does not simply develop an app but also streamlines planning, implementation of the plan, deployment and post-deployment management. Whether your situation falls under scenario number 1 or 2, the opportunities that open up by creating apps on our RAD platform are more-cost effective and provide fast time-to-market.

iOS App Development Process – Guidelines
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The user base for iOS is growing exponentially and currently, the number has surpassed the 700 million mark. Unlike the Android counterparts, iOS apps are subject to extra stringent App Store regulations. Sticking to certain guidelines during the app development phase ensures that the output is aligned to the latest trends and consumer expectations.

Expected Mobile App Development Trends in 2018 – A HokuApps Perspective
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The preference for hybrid apps over native apps is poised to be one of 2018’s defining mobile app development trends. Hybrid apps are more flexible, easier to design and deploy and suit the variant needs that most business has to satisfy their operations. They also offer more enhanced user experiences with industry-best security, which generated higher user traffic. In addition, since they are cross-platform apps, they have the potential to reach a wider range of potential users when compared to native apps.

Ultimate Tips to Choose the Best Mobile App Development Company
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The company chosen by you should have a complete understanding of your business needs and requirements. While there is no shortage of companies to choose from and picking the right one for you is imperative to the future timbre of your business. Having trouble in sorting out the right mobile application development company? Here are a few ultimate tips from the HokuApps team to help you get started.

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