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Ultimate Tips to Choose the Best Mobile App Development Company
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The company chosen by you should have a complete understanding of your business needs and requirements. While there is no shortage of companies to choose from and picking the right one for you is imperative to the future timbre of your business. Having trouble in sorting out the right mobile application development company? Here are a few ultimate tips from the HokuApps team to help you get started.

Here Are Some Factors to Consider if You Are Comparing Mobile Application Development Platforms
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What kind of app do you want to build? What should it do? How does it add value to the user’s life? What OS platforms and device do you want the app to run on? These questions merit some thought before investing in a mobile application development platform. It is important to know what kind of apps a mobile app development platform supports.

Top Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Mobile App for Your Business
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The onus in the digital era lies on the enterprise which must reach out to the customer to promote its offerings. Customers now expect to be courted by flawless products that they can order with a single touch on their screens.

Enterprise Mobile Application Deployment Strategies – HokuApps
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Mobile systems or smartphones are undeniably pervasive in this post-modern era. The small, yet potent devices, are omnipresent in almost all spheres of our daily routines - whether it is for grocery shopping, finding a food outlet, or even getting the right birthday present. Present day ‘apps’, which were unknown till a few years ago, are a necessity, more than choice. So much so that we see a visible synergy between people's behaviors and the capabilities of their mobiles.

A Guide to Android Application Development Process
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Every day, thousands of mobile applications are submitted to Apple and Google. What we are concerned with in this collateral is professionally-built business apps. In this segment, there are a maybe a few hundred that stand out. And if being in the elite group of apps is your goal, then here is a guide we have compiled after delivering more than 800 apps for both OS platforms. In this article, I will concentrate on the Android application development process to direct your attention to what goes into the development of a great app.

Top Ten Benefits of iOS Mobile App Development for Business
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To grow business, scalability of products is a major factor and mobile application is the easiest way to do that. It is possible through customized iOS app development, eventually, ensuring profits for your business. There are several app development companies such as HokuApps that offer iOS app development services that can be customized per the specific requirements of the customer.

Getting Started with iPhone App Development
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iPhone app development can be confusing to novices. However, professionals with experience in iPhone programming languages like Swift and Xcode can develop enterprise-grade apps swiftly on a low-code app development platform like HokuApps.

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