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Run Entire Business through an All-in-one App Suite

Today’s digital businesses demand flexibility, adaptability, and scalability. HokuApps Platform helps leverage application collaboration across the organization to simplify and automate business processes to the greatest extent possible.

Transform Ideas into Business Applications

Today, we are moving from a world of one-size-fits-all products and services to one in which we create custom, personalized experiences for the end-user. A mobile application helps unite information, process, and users to provide a 360-degree view of work to drive more successful optimized business outcomes.

Customer Success Story – A Unified Healthcare Platform to Improve Operational Efficiencies

Embrace Asia worked with HokuApps to create a unified healthcare service platform which matches caregivers and care seekers a unified healthcare platform to connect and communicate effectively. The mobile app also provides operational efficiencies to their engine by streamlining all processes.

Customer Success Story – A Custom Digitized Identification System for Focal Security That Accurately Monitors On-Field Employees

Focal employs over 500 security officers deployed across 40+ sites in Singapore. HokuApps understood Focal's need for a robust workforce management system supported by a smart cloud-based operation model. HokuApps' single digital platform enabled a seamless digital transition for Focal, boosting productivity in a cost-effective way.

Customer Success Story – Innovative System Integration for PTI QCS to Connect Multiple ERP Systems

Watch how HokuApps Rapid Application Development platform (RAD) helped collaborate over geographic and inter-departmental boundaries for PTI QCS. HokuApps is excited to enable PTI QCS into competitive supply chain management company.

Customer Success Story – Digitizing Construction Operations for Roofing Southwest

Enterprise mobility for a roofing company? HokuApps makes it seamlessly possible for Roofing Southwest. HokuApps' cloud-based service application has digitally transformed the operational backbone of Roofing Southwest with a touch of a button. HokuApps is excited to enable Roofing Southwest into a competitive digitalized roofing company.

Redefine Transportation and Logistics  through Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is revolutionizing the logistics industry. The emphasis is especially on mobile apps and software solutions. HokuApps helps to offer a personalized experience for their customers, and also tracks the movement of vehicles, drivers and clients accurately.

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