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Enterprise Mobility with HokuApps RAD Platform

The HokuApps RAD Platform comes with cross-platform usability, data integration solutions and enterprise-grade security capabilities that have already been pre-built and optimized. Each feature can be easily customized with a rapid application development platform.

Build and Deliver Applications Faster with HokuApps Best RAD Software

The RAD Platform model for development was primarily introduced to counter the Waterfall approach to developing mobile software. One of the major impacts of the RAD platform was a significant reduction in dev-to-market time. RAD platforms use a nonlinear approach to development.

HokuApps’ Ultimate Guide to an Effective Enterprise Mobile Application Development Strategy

Given that applications have become the flagship for corporations to gain optimal performance, experimenting and leveraging new technologies on the right enterprise mobile app platform will yield positive business results for your enterprise.

Ultimate Tips to Choose the Best Mobile App Development Company

The company chosen by you should have a complete understanding of your business needs and requirements. While there is no shortage of companies to choose from and picking the right one for you is imperative to the future timbre of your business. Having trouble in sorting out the right mobile app development company? Here are a few ultimate tips from the HokuApps team to help you get started.

Mobile App Development Trends That Will Revolutionize the Way You Do Business

The mobile app ecosystem is rapidly evolving with changing user needs and business requirements. With new technologies disrupting the current mobile app development market, the future success of businesses depends on the successful implementation of the latest mobile app development trends.

HokuApps Enterprise RAD Platform for Fast Mobile & Web Application Development

The HokuApps RAD Platform generates much of the app’s HTML, CSS and Javascript code via its automated tools. This means that developers using our rapid application development platform can spend significantly lesser time on writing the front-end code as most coding is automated.

Guidelines for iOS App Development Process – HokuApps’ Take

The current market for applications demands quick development. App development companies are faced with the challenge of creating an adaptive development environment at a rapid pace. It has often been observed that the initial budget of a project is overshot, and so are scheduled. Adopting an iOS app development service like the Rapid Application Development platform can help you overcome these difficulties.

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