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Redefine Transportation and Logistics  through Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is revolutionizing the logistics industry. The emphasis is especially on mobile apps and software solutions. HokuApps helps to offer a personalized experience for their customers, and also tracks the movement of vehicles, drivers and clients accurately.

Help People Live Better with the HokuApps Platform for Healthcare

Technology is transforming healthcare. The HokuApps platform helps develop apps to help understand the patient’s needs, deliver quality health care with improved accessibility along with providing improved patient treatment experience.

Empower Students and Faculty with the HokuApps Platform

An education app provides a seamless experience by experimenting with emerging technologies to deliver automated, personalized interactions. HokuApps helps provide a unified platform where teachers and students can interact, collaborate and achieve better learning outcomes.

Deniel Singh, Business Director-HokuApps, speaks at Cloud Expo Asia 2018, Singapore

Deniel Singh - Business Director for HokuApps, APAC - speaks at Cloud Expo Asia Event in Singapore - 2018. He talks about how the HokuApps platform helps businesses create mobile apps at 10x speed. Watch the video to know more.

HokuApps at Cloud Expo Asia 2018,Singapore

Digital Technology is drastically changing the way of how an organization delivers value to its customers. The Cloud Expo was a great opportunity to showcase how HokuApps can help companies enable digital transformation.

Manage  Workforce Intelligently with the HokuApps Platform

Labor is the single largest asset for most organizations. HokuApps Platform helps combine the necessary HR functions, such as storing employee data, managing payrolls, recruitment records ,administration benefits, attendance track record and makes sure every day human resource processes be very manageable.

Optimize Costs of Field Force Mobility with HokuApps

The HokuApps Platform provides an intelligent field force orchestration service powered by analytics and workforce management solutions that help businesses more rapidly, efficiently and cost-effectively manage their field forces.

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