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CIO – Mobility Guide

Employees have embraced mobility and are getting results, but many are still turning to non-corporate apps. CIOs can empower mobile users to stick with enterprise-grade solutions and keep data safe, but they need the right apps to support these goals. App platforms streamline development so CIOs can support mobile transformation by reacting to challenges as they emerge. Rapid mobile application development platforms can go a long way in easing these challenges.

Mobile Enterprise Strategy

The effect of mobilizing people and processes has a quite a colorful pallet of advantages. This vibrant canvas could blur your business agenda and motives for going mobile, considering the list of obvious qualitative advantages mobility has to offer. It is important to stay on track and analysis your mobile initiative, with a more quantitative approach, that measures your Return on Investment (ROI).

3 Business Factors That Are Driving Legacy Apps to the Cloud

With business factors increasingly driving IT decisions, technology leaders must take a close look at their legacy apps and reevaluate whether they are getting the job done as is or if those solutions need to be fine-tuned to work better alongside cloud services.

How Real Estate Mobile App Can Increase Profit for Your Business
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If you are thinking about creating your own mobile apps for real estate business, you need to find an app development company that has a creative approach and profound experience of how the industry has changed over the years. Here, at HokuApps, we understand that your real estate mobile app needs to embrace the latest technologies and tools to adapt quickly to the market and your target audience’s demands.

Towards an Effective Enterprise Mobile Application Development Strategy – The Ultimate Guide
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The development roadmap must be uniquely crafted to establish what teams will work on which aspects of enterprise mobile application development. In addition, the resources (financial, infrastructural and human) necessary to execute the strategy must also be understood and defined with perfect clarity.

Enterprise Mobility – Reinventing Business Strategy in the Era of Digital Disruption
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With competition getting more Darwinian by the day, enterprises need to invest in enterprise mobility solutions so that they stay ahead of the competition and provide the best services to their customers.

How Enterprise Mobile Application Development Is Going To Alter Your Business Strategies
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Facts don’t lie, and enterprise mobile application development has the potential to positively affect business strategy in a plethora of ways. Active adoption of enterprise mobility strategies makes for a realigning of priorities, work tactics, and decision making. For the most part, this realigning is conducive to better functioning and expansion in productivity.

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