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A robust and scalable Android application development platform, HokuApps is backed by a skilled team of Android app developers. We create Android applications, no matter the workflow or industry.
Build enterprise-grade applications with top Android app developers from HokuApps Technology Platform

HokuApps Mobile Platform

The Best Way to Develop Custom Android Apps for Your Business

Traditional app development builds apps from scratch. A viable alternative, the hokuapps low-code Android app development platform, creates apps with pre-configured elements via a drag and drop method. This approach helps deliver solutions in days or weeks and not months.

Customer Success Stories

“Real-time collaboration with the custom ‘Field Service’ Android app”
HokuApps helped the company shift from paper-based to cloud-based processes with robust enterprise mobility solutions built at 10x speed.
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“Custom workflow app for 360-degree project management”
Get access to the best Android app developers and the most cutting-edge custom mobile app development platform at HokuApps.
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Hire Android App Developers for Your Specific Business Operations

Partner with HokuApps to create the most cutting-edge Android app development technology. The platform is automated to help businesses create Android apps in days or weeks.
Build Apps 10X Fast - Android app developers for hire
Build Apps 10X Fast
How fast can HokuApps develop and deploy an Android mobile app? Hire dedicated Android app developers from HokuApps to create apps that are reliable, affordable, secure and scalable, on an automated platform at 10x speed.
Features & Functionalities - Android Application Developers, Programmers
Features & Functionalities
HokuApps automated Android app development platform and Android app developers will create 100% custom enterprise mobility solutions for your unique business workflow and functionality. Armed with a cutting-edge technology platform, our Android app developers help you stay ahead with custom mobile apps.
Amazing Cost to Value - Hire Android App Programmers, Developers
Amazing Cost to Value
Automation translates into affordability. As the platform features pre-configured business modules, pre-built technology components, a design studio with hundreds of UI designs and pre-built connectors, the return on investment on developing Android apps is high. Hire Android app developers to create 100% custom Android apps.

Build Mobile Apps 10X Faster than Conventional Android App Development

From ideation to development and deployment, the HokuApps low-code Android app development platform creates mobile apps at a rapid speed. Our top Android app developers use the revolutionary platform to create apps. Customize technology to suit your business's unique ecosystem with HokuApps.
Build Mobile Apps 10X Faster - Hire Android App Developers, Programmers

Android App Development 10X FASTER on an Automated Platform

App Development 10X FASTER - Android App Programmers, Developers
Android apps created during the automated phase are customized by Android app developers to suit a business’s unique architecture. The Android app development process shifts focus to leveraging technologies like enterprise admin backend, communication framework, and scalable infrastructures.
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faster time to market
Build Enterprise Android Apps FAST

Why Partner with HokuApps Android App Developers to Develop Robust Mobile Apps

Pre-Defined Technology Components
Every business has unique requirements and needs customized tools to run the business. The HokuApps technology platform features a deep library of technology components that can be integrated instantly via a drag and drop process.
Pre-Built Technology Components
Every business has unique requirements and needs tools to run the business. The HokuApps technology platform features a deep library of technology components that can be integrated instantly via a drag and drop process.
Cross-platform Technology
Paying for traditionally created OS-specific apps can be expensive. The HokuApps low-code platform creates cross-platform apps AUTOMATICALLY for Android, iOS, and the Web.
Design Studio
To speed up the process even further, the technology platform features a deep library of pre-built UI/UX for various business workflows and industries.
Pre-defined Connectors
With traditional app development, each integration needs to be hand-coded and tested multiple times. With HokuApps, integration is instantaneous with pre-built connectors.
Enterprise Administration Backend
The Enterprise Administration Backend helps manage the business effectively and features a granular reporting engine for real-time data analysis.

Build Once. Deploy Across Devices and Platforms

Cross Platform - Hire Android App Developers, Programmers
Save Costs and Time
The HokuApps automated technology platform automatically develops apps for Android, iOS and the Web. The apps are then customized by mobile app developers at a business-level to suit the business's unique environment. Hire dedicated Android app developers to create enterprise-grade mobile apps for your business.


Why Should Organizations Hire Android App Developers?

  • Whether your requirement is to tweak an existing Android app or to build cross-platform apps, our team of skilled

    Android app developers

    will customize apps that work across any or all OS platforms. Our low code Android application development platform is armed with reusable modules to help deliver on-demand business modules in days or weeks.
    At HokuApps, it is our commitment to deliver industry-best Android apps with features that add value. No matter your business logic or the complexity of the workflow, our

    Android application developers

    are ready for any challenge.

    Hire Android app developers

    to create apps at 10X speed so that you can get onto the digital transformation journey at rapid speed. We are the best in the Android app development business and deliver robust, secure and highly scalable Android apps designed to inspire confidence and enhance business-value for your organization. HokuApps mobile application development featuring a low-code approach includes the creation of iOS, Android, and Web app solutions to help businesses get going in days or weeks. Since inception, HokuApps has served industries such as Education, Energy and Utility, Insurance, Manufacturing, Media & Advertising, Retail, Telecommunication and Transportation & Logistics.
    The advantage of hiring

    Android app developers

    is that they are highly experienced. They infuse the change that the business requires through the Android app. The first change that a business will experience is the advanced collaboration between IT and management. The result is an enhanced structure in the organization as all processes are streamlined. The other immediate effect is the breakdown of data silos to bring all information together. Information from different silos ‘talk’ to each other enabling the management to make informed decisions through access to real-time information and analytics.

What are the Advantages of Hiring Android App Developers?

  • - Highly Skilled

    Android App Developers

    - Collaboration between IT and Business
    - Faster App Creation and Delivery
    - Daily and Weekly Progress Updates
    - Complete Transparency in the Android App Development Process
    - Cost-effective

    Android App Programmers

What is the requirement to Hire Android App Programmers for Robust Solutions?

  • HokuApps Android App Development solutions offer end-to-end customization, suited to your exact business requirements. We create and deliver comprehensive Android-based mobile applications with constant improvisations based on client feedback.

    Hire Android app developers

    to make the process of iterations an easy task.
    In comparison to traditional app development approaches, the low-code Android app development platform helps Android app developers and programmers to make changes to the app at any stage of the app development process. This helps them tweak the UI/UX design, bug-fixing, and system integration.
    Talk to our experts to know how our

    Android application developers

    have delivered more than 800 projects successfully. With more than 14 years of experience in the mobile and web application development business, you can be rest assured that we will exceed your expectations.

What Expertise Do Android App Programmers Offer in our Android App Development Services?

  • Android App Design
    Design and user experience can make or break your app. Our Android app designers ensure excellent designs.

    Android App Development
    We have 200+

    Android app developers

    and testers working on our platform. Our solutions include Android, iOS and Web application solutions to help you create your own story in the era of digital transformation.

    Android App Testing

    Hire Android app developers

    to test your app at every stage of the Android app development process. Testing is done to ensure proper functionality, to erase gaps in system integration, and to upgrade security with every major development in the industry.

    Android App Maintenance
    With new gadgets being churned out every day, the essential framework of the Android app gets affected in terms of language structure, OS upgrades, and security. This makes mobile app maintenance an essential requirement of the Android app development process.

How It Becomes Easy to Make Mobile App Solutions If You Hire Android App Developers?

  • In today’s mobile-laden scenario, Android mobile apps are a dire necessity for businesses across the world. It goes without saying that businesses by themselves cannot make this a smooth journey. Businesses need to

    hire Android app developers

    to create Android apps that are fast, agile, secure and scalable.
    We have been on top of the Android app development game for a while now and have a long list of satisfied clients. This is because our Android app development services don’t stop with just app development. Our services continue with customer support and maintenance. HokuApps expert team of

    Android app developers

    has created high-quality enterprise-grade apps for more than 800 projects, be it internal specification or a customer-facing app featuring end-to-end management.
    We provide apps for Android, iOS and the Web, so that your employees, partners, and customers can communicate with your business directly and effectively. We have top-rated iOS and Android app developers for hire.

How to Hire Android App Developers?

  • Contact us to hire

    hire Android app developers

    and programmers for your project(s).

    Evaluate: Our expert team of

    Android app developers

    will audit your business, evaluate project scope and provide project recommendations.

    Select: You can choose the appropriate business modules/tools and

    hire Android app developers/programmers

    to work on a prototype.

    Pay: Post evaluation of the prototype, choose from various Android App Development models (native or hybrid) and make the payment online.

    Feedback and Iterations: Keep in constant touch with our skilled team of

    Android application developers

    and share your feedback to create the perfect Android app in just 6-8 weeks.

What are the must-have Tech Skills for Android App Developer?

  • Hiring Android app developers are easy with HokuApps. While the process is largely automated and doesn’t require coding, customization of the Android apps requires the skills of Android app developers, but only for about 10% of the process.

    Our Android app developers are skilled in Android’s primary programming language – Java. They hold skills in Java syntaxes and have immense subject knowledge in the usage of Android Studio/Eclipse.

    HokuApps’ Android app programmers also have experience in handling Android SDK and API integrations. Moreover, as Android requires a different set of design requirements for iOS, HokuApps’ Android app developers know that a well-designed app, based on Google’s design guidelines, can garner immense loyalty.

    Furthermore, when you hire Android developers from HokuApps, you can be confident that the app’s logic is spot on. Working in a dynamic work environment, our Android app developers are trained to think critically and to adapt to all challenges.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire an Android App Developer?

  • Apps account for 89% of mobile users in the US. And with 68% of users using mobile apps to reach out to brands, the ecosystem is ripe to hire Android app developers to build custom mobile apps for enterprises.

    To get onto the digital platform with an Android app, businesses can either hire freelance Android app developers or hire Android developers from an Android app development agency. The former possesses a high risk as only one individual will work on the app and he/she will take months or even years to fully-develop an app. Moreover, once the app is built, their work is done and post-deployment maintenance and upgrades are not even in the picture.

    With Android app developers from an agency like HokuApps, you will get full access to a revolutionary platform that is automated and offer regular updates/maintenance roll-outs. The result is cross-platform apps that work on Android, iOS and the Web. Android app developers will then customize the app to suit your business’s unique ecosystem. Hire Android app programmers from HokuApps to create industry-best solutions.

How Can Android App Developers Add More Value To Your Business?

  • HokuApps’ Android app developers are skilled and have access to a cutting-edge platform that takes care of the majority of the app development process. Android app developers tailor-make the app to create unique and engaging solutions.

    Hire Android developers to create apps that smoothen business workflows and also allow your audience to communicate with you. Moreover, by sharing content from your end on offer/promotions, the customer is kept updated and engaged, creating brand loyalty in the process.

    Android app programmers create user-centric apps that help your brand enhance its image. And with a huge number of users turning to apps to buy/sell services/products, the conversion rate will skyrocket to new heights.

    Hire Android app developers from HokuApps to help your business improve revenue generation.