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The Quickest Android App Development Process for Your Business

We have a fast, affordable, scalable and secure Android app development platform. There’s a lot more that goes into building a full-fledged Android enterprise app than what you see on the outside. HokuApps has automated the Android app development process, thereby making it easy and affordable to develop Android apps.

Driving Digital Transformation With Custom Android App Development

“Real-time collaboration with the custom ‘Field Service’ app”
HokuApps made possible the shifting of Roofing Southwest’s operational backbone from paper-based to cloud-based with enterprise mobility solutions.
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“Custom workflow app for 360-degree project management”
PTI QCS needed 100% customized mobility solutions to enhance collaboration, simplify workflows and increase productivity.
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The Best Android App Development Company, Dedicated to You

To keep ahead of the technology curve and surpass the competition. Partner with the best Android application development company.
Speed - Android Mobile App Development Company
How fast can HokuApps Android app development platform develop enterprise Android apps? Featuring a revolutionary technology platform with an automated process, Android mobile app development takes days or weeks and not months. The automated process delivers cross-platform mobile apps AUTOMATICALLY, so as to help enterprises save costs and time for as well as stay ahead of the curve.
Features - Android App Development Company, Services
The platform features more than 500 pre-configured technology components to which pre-built business modules and designs can be integrated with pre-coded connectors. The result is cutting-edge technology that offers all functionality that enterprises require for complete Digital Transformation.
Affordability - Android Application Development Companies
The costs of traditional Android app development can vary. However, the HokuApps Android app development platform is affordable because of its automated nature. Automation translates to reliable technology solutions that are fully customized to suit a business's unique ecosystem.

We Build Android Mobile Application REALLY FAST

No matter the complexity of your business workflow or industry type, HokuApps has 100% custom technology solutions for your business's unique requirements. Go from idea to development and deployment in a matter of days or weeks and not months as traditional Android mobile app development takes.
Android Application Development Company, Services

Low-Code Technology that Builds Android Apps 10X FASTER

Build Mobile Apps 10X FASTER - Android Application Development Services
Transform customer experience, digitize business processes, streamline operations and leverage new technologies with HokuApps Android application development company. Build enterprise mobile apps to transform any part of your business in a radically short time.
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fast time to market
Build Enterprise Apps Quickly

HokuApps Android Mobile App Development Platform

Why Choose HokuApps for Android Mobile App Development?

Custom Android App Development
Create native or cross-platform apps, no matter the industry, niche or size of your business
Android Portability
Build once and deploy on all platforms with our automated Android app development platform.
Android UI Design
Create custom Android applications with the best functionalities for high user engagement and retention.
Full Lifecycle Maintenance
Access to OS and security upgrades, customer support and maintenance.
No Need for Android Apps Testing
Our dedicated Android app developers do not need to test your application as the Android mobile app development process is automated and pre-tested.
Android Widgets
Share content and notifications in real-time to your users and employees.

Custom Mobile Apps Automatically Connects with All Systems

Pre-Built Connectors - Android Apps Development Services, Company
Pre-Built Connectors
Unlike traditional Android app development which needs to code all software to create a unified solution, the HokuApps platform features pre-built connectors to connect to over 500 third-party software via a drag and drop method. This enables the Android app development technology platform to connect to any number of solutions, whether internal, third-party or legacy, with one-click to add all tools required to create 100% custom mobile apps.


When you opt for Custom Android App Development Company

Why Android application development?

  • Want to build an Android application for your business? Streamline processes and improve customer engagement with custom Android apps.

    More than 70% of the mobile market resides in the

    Android application development

    platform. This number is increasing by around 1.1% every year. With such a huge increase in users, creating an Android application is no longer a choice but a necessity. HokuApps

    Android application development company

    uses cutting-edge technology to create technology-driven solutions so that you can reach your target audience and provide great customer experience.

What comes under HokuApps Android application development services?

  • Create high-quality Android apps at 10X speed with HokuApps. HokuApps is a low-code

    Android application development company


    We take your ground-breaking ideas and create apps to match with advanced Android application development techniques. Our Android app devel;o platform features a drag-and-drop app creation approach so that you can get onto the Digital Transformation highway faster than the competition. Our

    Android application development

    solutions work on all Android devices and screen sizes.

What is the process for Android application development?

  • Our

    Android mobile app development

    process is streamlined into different phases

    - Requirement gathering and analysis
    - Product & goals analysis
    - Android app design & development
    - Launch support & maintenance

What are the key features of our Android app development services?

  • The HokuApps

    Android application development

    platform implements a low-code approach to create Android apps that integrate with all third-party software in one click. Our inbuilt connectors allow the app to float with existing business mobile applications ensuring standardization, revenue maximization, and workflow optimization. Android app tools empowers users to quickly integrate BPM to application modernization.

    Reduce Time to Market
    Dramatically shorten time-to-market for custom

    Android application development

    with the HokuApps modular approach of "pre-packaged" interfaces on our

    Android application development


    Instantly System Integration
    Instantly connect your enterprise environment dotted with legacy applications, data sources and ERP's to create a unified system with our inbuilt Android app connectors.

    Enhance Existing Systems
    The Android application enhances - not replaces - your existing IT systems and enables you to maximize your current investments with an Android app developed to suit your business environment.

    Exceed User Expectations

    Android application development

    platform comes with enterprise-grade features allowing you to create beautiful applications that are secure, scalable and always connected.

    Unify People, Processes, and Technology
    Align your Android-led IT strategy with your business strategy by forming a balanced alliance of people, processes and technology, accelerating your Digital Transformation journey.

    Keep Costs Down
    Real-time data helps you gain new insights to easily identify anything that needs to be corrected or optimized, keeping costs down. Our Android apps collate and process data to give you real-time insights into business operations.

What is the expertise of HokuApps Android app development company?

  • Our team of highly-skilled Android app developers possess the expertise and in-depth technical knowledge of creating mobile apps fast, to enable our

    Android application development

    platform to deliver cost-effective and compatible apps in no time.

    - Analytic & data synchronization
    - Social media integration
    - In-app purchases
    - Push notifications
    - Google Map API integration
    - XML, JSON API integration

What are the Benefits for Android App Development?

  • Market Share – It’s no secret that Android commands more than 80% of the global market share, and is stability in climbing the ladder at 1 - 2% a year. Logic dictates that

    Android app development

    is necessary for any business vying to improve customer reach.

    Better Audience Access – Again, it’s no secret that Apple phones are expensive and (generally) cater to higher income customers. This gives the enterprise

    Android app development

    a whole new field of opportunities for customers and business partners.

    Easy UI Customization – Business apps developed and deployed by HokuApps offer easy customization and feature inbuilt enterprise administration backend and dashboards. Moreover, the overall UI of Android apps allows a lot of customization options (apps, widgets and all).

    Quick Enterprise App Customization – HokuApps has automated the

    Android application development

    process. While 90% of the process is automated, the remaining 10% needs customization at a business-level to tailor-make the app. This is where

    Android mobile app development

    by developers comes to play, customizing the app in 6-8 weeks.

What are the core strengths of HokuApps’ – Android Application Development Company

  • Traditional app development requires an

    Android application development company

    to code from scratch. This includes testing, integrations, and iterations, which can increase the development of the final app to 6 months or more.
    HokuApps, on the other hand, offers an automated

    Android app development

    platform that features pre-configured elements that are brought together to create basic apps. A Post which, the

    Android app development

    process configures the app to create 100% tailor-made apps.

Why Does Your Business Need to Invest in Android App Development Services?

  • If your business hasn’t invested in Android application development, now is the right time to do so. HokuApps Android app development services don’t just create apps, we create 100% custom Android apps that fit in exactly to your business requirements and organizational architecture.

    Our Android application development services provide mobile apps that enhance customer engagement, help with full maintenance and upgrades, help businesses by integrating an enterprise administration backend with a granular reporting engine and dashboard for data collation and analysis, and provide industry-best security features.

    Moreover, with solutions created on an automated platform, costs reduce by 70% (in comparison to traditional Android app development services which creates apps from scratch) and saves time by up to 10 times.

What are the Advantages of Investing in Custom Android Application Development?

  • Boosting efficiency in all processes by digitization is the way to boost productivity. With HokuApps Android application development, you can be sure that the app comes equipped with all the features that your business requires. And to help you save time and money, our Android mobile app development process has been automated.

    On a custom Android app development platform, apps can be made with a simple drag and drop process. This makes sure that the app is bug-free and is created at 10x speed. The Android app development process comes equipped with pre-built modules, components, designs and connectors.

    Post this stage, our Android app developers will customize the app to make it tailor-made for your business’s unique ecosystem. Solutions made on our Android application development platform are reliable, work on all Android devices, are secure and scalable.

Benefits of Choosing the Right Android App Development Company

  • When making a choice between hiring freelancers and an Android app development company, most businesses choose the latter for reliability, accountability, experience, technology, integration options and post-deployment facilities. For any business, choosing the right Android apps development company is a priority.

    HokuApps Android applications development company is the right choice as the resulting apps are reliable, affordable and fully-loaded. The Android apps development company also boasts of being a top-rated company for more than 14 years with more than 800 apps delivered to date.