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Android Application Development Company, Services

Why Android Application Development?

Want to build an Android Application for your Business? Streamline processes and improve customer engagement.

More than 70% of the mobile market resides on the Android platform. This number is increasing by around 1.1% every year. With such a huge number of users using Android, creating an Android application is no longer a choice but a necessity. HokuApps android application development company uses cutting-edge technology to create technology-driven solutions so that you can reach your target audience and provide great customer experience.
Android Application Development Services & Company

Android Application Development Services

Create high-quality Android apps at 10X speed with HokuApps. HokuApps is a low-code Android Application Development Company.

We take your ground-breaking ideas and create apps to match, with advanced Android applications development techniques. Our platform features a drag-and-drop android app creation approach so that you can get onto the digital transformation highway faster than your competition. Our Android applications solutions work on all Android devices and are suited to all smart device screen sizes.

Tangible Benefits of Android Application Development

Benefits of Android Application Development Services, Company

HokuApps - Android Application Development Company

We develop fast, agile, scalable and secure Android applications.

HokuApps Android app development services creates apps to suit any business logic or workflow. HokuApps has proven expertise in the field and has been in the mobile app development business for 14 years. Experience the supremacy of mobile Android applications with HokuApps custom SDK to unlock unlimited opportunities for growth.

As the leading technology enablement services provider, HokuApps ensures that you are delivered with high-quality Android applications to help your business perform better. Our platform adheres to industry-best architectural standards to create sustainable solutions.
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Android Application Development Services We Offer

The HokuApps Android app development platform has been created keeping in mind the bottle-necks that businesses face in their day-to-day operations. HokuApps Android application solutions provide technology-driven solutions with real-time data and analysis to help make data-driven decisions.

Our Different Android App Solutions

  • Custom Android App Development:

    Create native or hybrid apps, no matter the industry, niche or size of your business
  • Android Portability:

    Build once and deploy on all platforms with our Android app development platform
  • Android UI Design:

    Create Android applications with the best functionalities for high user engagement and retention
  • Full Lifecycle Maintenance:

    Access to customer support and maintenance 24*7
  • Android Apps Testing:

    Our dedicated Android app testers will test your application at every layer of the Android mobile app development process
  • Android Widgets:

    Share content and notifications in real-time to your users and employees
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Our Android Application Development Process

Our android mobile app development process is streamlined in to different phases
Requirement Gathering - Android App Development Services, Company

Requirement Gathering and analysis

Product Goals - Android Application Development Services, Company

Product & Goals Analysis

App Design - Android App Development Services, Company

App Design & Development

Launch Support - Android Application Development Services & Company

Launch Support & Maintenance

Key Features of Our Android Apps Development Services

No matter the complexity of your business, HokuApps creates full-features Android apps at 10X speed.
The HokuApps platform implements a low-code approach to create android apps that integrates with all third-party software in one click. Our inbuilt connectors allow the app to float with existing business mobile applications ensuring standardization, revenue maximization, and workflow optimization. Integrated tools with the Android app to empower users to quickly integrate BPM to application modernization.
Reduce Time to Market - Android Mobile App Development Services
Reduce Time to Market
Dramatically shorten time-to-market for custom Android applications development with the HokuApps modular approach of "pre-packaged" interfaces on our Android application development platform.
Keep Costs down - Android Application Development Services, Company
Instantly System Integration
Instantly connect your enterprise environment dotted with legacy applications, data sources and ERP's, our inbuilt Android app connectors help you make them all work together, streamlining any processes in one click.
Enhance existing systems - Android App Development Company & Services
Enhance Existing Systems
The Android application enhances, not replaces, your existing IT systems and enables you to maximize your current investments with an Android app developed to suit legacy systems.
Exceed User - Android Application Development Company & Services
Exceed User Expectations
HokuApps comes with enterprise-grade features allowing you to create beautiful Android applications that are secure, scalable and always connected.
Unify people - Android Mobile App Development
Unify People, Processes and Technology
Align your Android-led IT strategy with your Business Strategy by forming a balanced alliance of People, Processes and Technology, accelerating your Digital Transformation journey.
Keep Costs down - Android Application Development Services & Company
Keep Costs Down
Real-time data helps you gain new insights to easily identify anything that needs to be corrected or optimized, keeping costs down and users delighted. Our Android app development platform collates and processes data to give you real-time insights into business operations.

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Tools and Technologies We Use

HokuApps uses a custom SDK which includes Native and Cross-Platform packages to support Google and iOS libraries. Our solutions are hosted on Amazon AWS to support our developers and your business to implement solid, secure Android applications.
Tools and Technologies - Android Application Development Company & Services

We Believe in Results

Achieve high Return-on-Investment with HokuApps Android Application Development solutions

Apps Developed by HokuApps - Android App Development Company, Services
Android Mobile Apps Developed
Client Satisfaction Rate - Android Application Development Company, Services
Client Retention Rate
Apps Downloaded - Android Mobile App Development Services
Android Apps Downloaded

Our Android App Development Expertise Includes

Our team of highly-skilled Android App Developers have the expertise and in-depth technical knowledge of creating mobile apps fast, to enable our platform to deliver cost-effective and compatible android apps in no time.
Data Synchronisation - Android Application Development Expertise
Analytics & Data Synchronization
Social Media Integration - Android Application Development Expertise
Social Media Integration
In App Purchases - Android Application Development Services
In App Purchases
Push Notifications - Android App Development Company Expertise
Push Notifications
API Integration - Android App Development Company, Services
Google Map API Integration
XML, JSON API Integration - Android Application Development Services
XML, JSON API Integration

Our Android App Development Projects

How Teddy Nissan Redefined the Time, Effort and Cost Required to Mobilize its Business
Android Mobile App Development Projects

The organization needed a solution to keep all its critical Information In place, analyzing their own organization, performance. Implementing the HokuApps Android application development platform allowed Teddy Nissan to connect better with customers and deliver business value.

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Range of Industries

No matter the industry or the size of the business, HokuApps has a solution for all niches and workflows.
  • Education
  • Energy and Utility
  • Insurance
  • Manufacturing
  • Media & Advertising
  • Retail Telecommunication
  • Transportation & Logistics

Find out how our Android app services can be integrated into your business.


HokuApps’ Core Strengths

  • 10X Faster Delivery Speed Advantage
  • Pre-built Android Mobile Apps Templates and Modules
  • Customized Mobile App Solutions for Cross Platform
  • Compatible with Android, iOS and the Web
  • Experienced in Complex Enterprise Android App Development
  • Cutting-Edge Technology Infrastructure
  • Clients Across 16 Countries
  • More than 800 Projects Delivered
  • 92% Client Retention Rate
  • Dedicated Business Analysts for Every Project
  • 24*7 Customer Support and Full-Lifecycle Maintenance

Hire Android App Developers

  • 24/7 Technical Support
  • 100% Confidentiality Assured
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction
  • 5 Years of Experience
  • Dedicated Android Developers
Daniel Parker
I was looking for a simple tool that helps me streamline my marketing team process. Hokuapps team tailor makes a solution as per the existing Android application setup and ties it in a beautiful workflow. Would really recommend it if you are looking for a quick solution that complements our existing setup.
Daniel Parker

Android Application Development FAQs

These are the most common Android application development questions that our Business Development team is asked?

How much does an Android Applications Development cost?

  • Before you deduce the cost of developing an android app, it is very essential to understand the factors that play major role in Android mobile app development cost:
    * Platform and operating system involved
    * Business Requirement and Operational Workflow
    * Third Party Tools integration
    * Time & Resources involved in Android App Development Process
    * Technology Infrastructure Cost
    * Post Deployment Support
    Typically the Android Application Development platform like HokuApps will reduce your costs significantly because of use of tried and tested industry specific Mobile App Templates, Modules & API Integrations, Dedicated Industry experts handling the project, Very strong background in technology infrastructure deployment. Contact our team now to get the best quote for your Android mobile app development requirement

How long does it take HokuApps to build a prototype?

  • It takes between 2-3 weeks to build prototypes.

How long does it take HokuApps to build a fully-functional Android Application?

  • With our android app development platform It takes between 6-8 weeks to build and deliver fully-functional mobile apps. our team of dedicated Android app developers constantly innovate and add value to entire development life cycle. At every stage client's inputs, feedback are noted and implemented to achieve a final version of fully featured Android App.

What makes HokuApps Android Application Development better than their competitors?

  • HokuApps Digital Transformation, Mobile Development and Data Integration platforms coupled with a host of custom enterprise applications, radically accelerate delivery of innovative business applications. HokuApps helps plan, build and run your digital future to innovate faster than the competition. Our platform features pre-built templates and modules which allow android application development team to create mobile apps with a drag-and-drop approach. This makes the majority of the process automated (>90%), while the remaining is hand-coded to bring the app together. This allows developers to create apps at 10X speed and thus, saves android mobile app development costs by a huge margin.

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