Show Me the Money: Just How Profitable is Android Application Development for a Business?

Show Me the Money: Just How Profitable is Android Application Development for a Business?

“There’s an app for that.”

Few sentences in the history of smartphones have been more frequently used. There is literally an app for everything a person could want. Shopping, ordering food, finding directions, contacting emergency services, checking out local events and such. There is even an app that adjusts the light from your computer, phone or tablet screen to make it warmer, more pleasing and causes less strain to your eyes.

With an explosion in app development and downloads, questions regarding its profitability have emerged. This is especially true with regard to Android application development as it is currently the dominating mobile app platform. Every company developing an app tends to host it on Android.

This has led to a saturation of apps. Not only is there an app for everything now, but hundreds of options for each and every requirement. Customers have to deal with an exhausting range of choices everytime they think of downloading an app for any function whatsoever. This makes it difficult for any one app to stand out in a particular field. Android application development was once a guarantee for success. Now, it leaves much of success a chance.

However, one must not become completely disillusioned with Android application development. It is true that there are millions of apps already, but a truly unique app will still grab eyeballs and increase downloads:

How Do You Make Profits with an Android App?

A Good Mobile App Automatically Delivers

First thing’s first, you cannot make any profits with a bad app. You can pour millions into Android application development, but if you are not providing your users with something that they really want, you have wasted your resources. If you are creating a shopping app, ensure it has something to offer that is not already included in the existing ones, or your app is providing better options than what is available in app stores. Otherwise, they will have absolutely no need for users to switch to your app. Any Android application needs to add value to customer’s needs.

To create a profitable app, you need to have something unique to offer. If you are aiming to get customers to buy your product, you must offer a good product. If you are selling what everyone else is selling, then your app and your company is not likely to gain much from the investment.

On the other hand, if you have something truly innovative and engaging, you will find your following. Pokémon Go certainly wasn’t the first game or even the first Pokémon game to be developed, but it gave users the unique ability to walk around and catch Pokémon. It became a phenomenon, to say the least. In this case, Android application development wasn’t just profitable, it was a goldmine.

A Good Mobile App Automatically Delivers - android application development

Lines of Revenue

How is your app going to gain profit? Are you directly selling products and services to customers? Or are you hosting ads on freely downloadable apps? It is important to figure out exactly how you will generate revenue with your app. Android application development lets you configure multiple channels of revenue. You could create a free app, and then host advertisements on it to drive revenue. This usually works with games or music apps, as they tend to attract the largest number of users who expect the Android app to be free for download.

If your Android app is directly selling products and services, it is important to give them a user-friendly interface and a secure payment system. No user will use an app to buy anything if they cannot be assured that their financial credentials are not safe. Android mobile app development, if it is to see any profit, must be conscious of providing flawless security.

Android Application Development for Business

Android application development for business is possibly the surest way to generate profit. While it doesn’t assist with direct selling of goods and services, they are instrumental in revolutionizing the business operations in organizations of all sizes. A digitally competent workforce will inevitably expect the assistance of apps to systematize their every activity. Android apps can add both convenience and efficiency to every aspect of a company’s performance.

Apps like Dropbox, Google Docs, and Adobe Reader are of immense help to individuals when they are dealing with multiple deadlines and need to answer emails, make edits to documents or access necessary material outside the office. Empowering employees to perform necessary activities, regardless of location or time, is invaluable and leads to a sustainable improvement in performance and contributes to client satisfaction.

However, organizations in certain industries such as finance or the government sector cannot let their employees use commonly used Android apps. The information they generate is of a sensitive nature and require enhanced layers of security to be protected from unauthorized access or theft.

In this case, Android application development helps to create enterprise apps which are used by employees of a particular corporation. These apps are calibrated to facilitate tasks and exchange of information related to that organization. They also usually come with numerous levels of security, offering access to corporate data depending on the security clearance of each individual using the app.

Android Application Development for Business

Investing in Android app development services can help to boost a business’ bottom line by augmenting efficiency, ease of work and security of information. If an employee can work from home in the event of a personal reason, this removes the issue of depleted productivity. If an employee can get on a conference call when they are stuck in traffic, the client will not be displeased.

Enterprise apps also promote greater collaboration between employees and departments, which is conducive to higher productivity, updated and accurate datasets, all of which eventually translate to financial gain.

To answer the original question “Is Android app development profitable?”, the answer is yes, but with conditions. Unlike earlier times when an Android app used to get millions of downloads due to novelty, Android apps these days have to showcase high-quality, sophistication and a user-friendly interface to be worth the investment. Before hiring an Android application development company, take a moment to consider the aforementioned issues and if you have the ideas that can contribute true value to users through the Android app.

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