Hire Android App Developers – Build Your App to Boost Revenue

Hire Android App Developers – Build Your App to Boost Revenue

The world we live in today is governed by technology, and the digitization it brings with it. Most businesses today rely not only on their physical presence but also their digital (online) visibility. One of the greatest sources of such visibility is mobile apps, that offer a clear path for businesses to maximize their impact, and revenue. Hire Android app developers to provide your business with the ideal balance between incremental growth and feasibility of cost. This is because the HokuApps Android app platform brings a variety of benefits as offerings, such as flexibility, versatility, and lots of scope for customization.

This is especially beneficial for small businesses and startups looking to make a mark in their respective industries. Therefore, it makes a lot of sense for entrepreneurs to hire Android app developers in such situations. All things said and done, however, hiring an Android app developer presents a sizeable cost in itself. And you, as a business owner/entrepreneur, will surely want a clear picture regarding the benefits of the Android app development platform.

The points listed below will provide enough clarity to guide you towards an informed decision:

A Bigger Piece of the Pie - Android App Developers

A Bigger Piece of the Pie

When it comes to succeeding in your business endeavors, one of the first things you think of is reach and visibility. And that is exactly what an Android application developer can help you achieve. The Android app development platform, with the greatest worldwide market share of approximately 86%. This statistic bears apt testament to the market influence enjoyed by Android; benefits your business will automatically become entitled to in terms of enhanced consumer reach, as well as visibility.

Make the Most of Less

It makes sense to hire Android app developers and programmers, as Android apps are highly feasible for your business– they give good ROI value against a relatively low overall investment. There are two main reasons for this are:

  • Android application developers are able to make use of the Android Software Development Kit (SDK) without the need for any licensing costs, or royalty. This allows the entire android app development process to become more economically feasible.
  • In-app advertisements are among the greatest sources of income for businesses, through apps. This influx is further augmented by the Freemium feature of Android Ads, which according to top android app developers, is extremely favorable for profits.

It’s All in the Family - Android App Developers

It’s All in the Family

Probably the single most lucrative feature of Android is the fact that it is an open-source platform. This means that the source code is made unanimously available to all android app programmers/developers. The main implication of this is the advantage that Android application developers and programmers are able to afford the benefit of indirectly working with others, in a cohesive environment that benefits from collaboration.

Additionally, the open source feature also yields a royalty-free (mentioned previously) SDK, which boosts the cost-based feasibility of the business.

The Largest Applications Store

The online store for Android apps, aka Google Play Store, contains over 2.8 million apps, which is the more than any other platform. This is largely due to Android being an open source platform, which makes a submission, sharing, and updates easy for developers. And on top this, the number of downloads on the Play Store worldwide totaled almost 20 billion in number (2017), which was, at that time, 145% more than Apple’s App Store.

These facts, combined with the Freemium Ads feature (mentioned earlier), greatly increases the long-term likelihood of app-based revenue generation for your business, which is why hiring an Android app programmer or developer makes sense.

No Strings Attached - Android App Developers

No Strings Attached

Developers have access to all the features of its Android application development platform, without any attached obligations/restrictions when it comes to publishing. The only condition is that the source code must be made available publicly on the platform, for the benefit of other users.

This condition aside, you, as an app owner will have the freedom to deploy your product in an online marketplace, through any distribution channel of your choosing. Apart from keeping the weight of restriction off your shoulders, Android also allows you to dictate the best course of action (supply channel) to reach your target audience in the most effective manner possible.