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based on pre-configured models to create on-demand business mobile apps in days or weeks and not months. The HokuApps Android mobile app development platform features the most advanced performance tools, editors and debugging software.
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Android Application Development for Businesses

HokuApps has created and deployed more than 800 mobile apps for iOS, Android, and the Web. And with our pre-configured coding modules, you can rest assured that most coding is automated while the UI/UX is customized to suit your specific requirements. Our android app developers realize that every business’s requirement is different, and all Android apps need to be unique to help businesses create their own niche in the industry.

Hence, our Android application development process creates projects that are successful from the get-go. Our low-code Android mobile app development process aids the development of fully-stacked mobile apps that are easy to use and configured to work on all Android-based smart devices, regardless of type of device, screen size or pixel density.

Every Android app development requirement goes through stages of thorough research (UI/UX, business logic, and competitor analysis), required technology solutions (API integrations) and a quality assurance process that is more stringent than any other. Additionally, our 24*7 customer support and full-lifecycle maintenance means that we are co-partners in your Android application process through the app’s entire lifecycle.

With a perfect mix of technology access, experience, and programming language expertise, HokuApps creates the most well-received Android apps, which have seen more than a million app downloads (cumulative).

Android Application Development for Businesses

Who Needs Android Mobile App Development for Their Business

It is a technology-driven necessity that all businesses need to get onto the digital transformation highway. In today's mobile-laden scenario just having a website that represents a business isn’t enough. This has created an ecosystem where businesses need to create improved channels of communication with their customers and business partners on mobile OS platforms, namely iOS and Android.

Android, however, consents users to a market share of more than 80% and rising by almost 2% year-on-year. This simple fact coerces businesses to partner with an Android application development company at the earliest if they haven’t done so already.

With a high-quality Android app to represent your enterprise, many new venues for growth open up. Here are why enterprises need Android mobile app development:

Who Needs Android App Development for Their Business


Mobile phones are nothing without the apps that reside on them. While most professionals work on desktops or laptops in their official capacity, the trend is shifting to using mobiles and other devices. This is because the mobile phone is small, portable and give easy access to the company via the Android app.


Android-based mobile phones are inexpensive, in comparison to their iOS brethren. All one needs is network connectivity and as they say, the rest is history. From an Android app development process perspective, low-code platforms like HokuApps have created a niche by offering mobile apps at a fraction of the cost that traditional app development platforms demand.

App Accessibility

Once your business app is downloaded onto a user’s device, you can send notifications and mobile-specific deals, offers, and promotions to increase customer engagement and business opportunities. Also, mobile apps offer the option to store information on the phone itself, which saves time for the user.

Benefits of Android Mobile App Development

Businesses vying to create their own app with HokuApps Android app development company can reap many benefits. Some of them are:

Low Investment - Android Mobile App Development

Low Investment

Though Android software development kit is open source, investing in skilled resource and technology in-house can cost a bomb. A viable alternative is to invest in a low-code Android app development platform to reduce the burden of hiring and investing in cutting-edge technology.
Customization Made Easy - Android Mobile App Development

Customization Made Easy

It is a common myth that pre-configured business modules are out-of-the-box solutions. This, however, is far from the truth. Our low-code android mobile app development platform allows enhanced customization by allowing flexibility in UI/UX design and providing options of adding various functionalities, from a store of more than 500 API, that a business may require. This functionality opens up options to integrate any third-party system, and communication and multimedia tools to your app.
Industry-Best Security - Android Apps Development

Industry-Best Security

Most traditional Android application development platforms offer 128-bit or less encryption. However, HokuApps offers 256-bit SSL encryption to keep all data and software safe from malware and unauthorized intrusions. Use case: Most banking institutions subscribe to 256-bit encryption technology.
App Distribution - Android Mobile Application Development
App Distribution
Android app development proposes to offer the app through various channels. The two most common channels used are through the Android Play Store and direct download (APK). As expected, Android is king when it comes to a number of apps available for download (2.8 million on the last count – Dec’ 2017 statistics). The direct download route specifies the Android app being shared as downloadable files, which can be downloaded from a website or a cloud-service solution.
IoT and New Devices - Android Apps Development
IoT and New Devices
The Internet of Things is a phenomenon where new technology is enhancing the technology-communication construct where devices are getting more portable, user-friendly and more connected than ever before. Think of smartwatches, smart locks, Bluetooth trackers, smart kitchen appliances, and smart home products. HokuApps Android mobile app development provides nodes in the coding to make any app scalable to IoT devices.

What Makes HokuApps Different for Android App Development?

As mentioned earlier, HokuApps is a low-code Android mobile app development platform that creates enterprise-grade robust, secure and scalable apps at 10x speed. This means that we are one of the very few Android app development companies that creates mobile apps in days or week and not months.

HokuApps is the preferred choice for Android application development in the US and the APAC region. With our highly-competitive pricing and customizable solutions, we have created a niche in the Android mobile app development market. From research to wireframing, to design and coding, to testing and deploying on the Google Play Store, and providing full lifecycle maintenance and upgrades, HokuApps does it all, from end-to-end.

Another key reason why HokuApps, one of the best Android app development companies in the world, has created a niche for itself in the mobile application development market, is in the realm of soft skills. Our android app developers are imbibed with soft skills to make sure that communication with our clients is smooth and clear.

Our Android app development process is so structured that our clients know exactly at what stage the Android mobile application development process is at. The process ensures enhanced transparency. This is where HokuApps stands out from what competitions offer.

What Makes HokuApps Different for Android Apps Development

Why Customers Choose Us for Android App Development

  • Custom mobile and web solutions

  • Create mobile apps at 10x speed with HokuApps

  • Equipped with pre-configured modules to save time & costs

  • ‘Drag and drop’ mobile app creation

  • Create cross-platform or native apps for Android, iOS and the Web

  • Interactive prototype offered

  • All data is stored on Cloud-software i.e., Amazon AWS

  • Easy to use UI/UX

  • 256-bit Enterprise-grade security (Advanced Encryption Standard – AES)

  • Executive Dashboard for real-time data and analytics

  • Latest API versions

  • Over-the-air (OTA) upgrades

  • High scalability

  • Offline synchronization

  • Interactive UI/UX material design

  • Full lifecycle management

Features of HokuApps’ Android App Development Offerings

  • End-to-end creation and deployment of Android apps

  • Streamlining business process

  • Submission and acceptance to Google Play Store

  • Automated process

  • Legacy systems modernization

  • The cross-platform offering in one go

  • App delivery in days or weeks, not months

  • No vendor lock-in

  • Extensive team collaboration

The Expertise of Our Android App Development Team

The HokuApps Android application development process is handled by the platform itself, making it a 90%+ automated platform. The remaining section of the coding is done by hand by our expert Android app developers. They are proficient in the Android app development programming language of Java. Additionally, the Android app development company also features experts in C and C++ programming languages.

HokuApps provides these Android application development solutions:

  • Android mobile application development services

  • Android web application development services

  • Android SDK mobile and web app development services

  • Custom Android mobile app development services

  • Porting of iOS apps to Android

  • UI/UX design for Android app development services

  • Customer-facing Android app development services

  • Employee-facing Android app development services

  • Customer-and employee-facing Android app development services

  • System integration services for Android

Coming to the industries that HokuApps services cater to, we have more than 10 years’ experience in the art of Android mobile application development. HokuApps – Android app development company – has expertise and experience in these industries:

  • Education
  • Energy and Utility
  • Insurance
  • Manufacturing
  • Media & Advertising
  • Retail & E-commerce
  • Telecommunication
  • Transportation & Logistics
Our Android Mobile App Development Projects

Create an Android Mobile App That Stands Out in a Crowd

HokuApps Android Mobile Apps Development

No matter your business workflow, HokuApps will create an interactive prototype in 2-3 weeks and delivers a fully-loaded Android app in 6-8 weeks (on an average). The HokuApps Android app development process is a low-code technology solutions provider, created for the specific purpose of breaking barriers that traditional Android application development platforms have created.

Our Android app development engineers are proficient in Java, C, C++, and Kotlin, while commanding strong experience of more than 4 years (on an average). To create industry-best Android mobile apps for your business, partner with the best Android app development company, i.e., HokuApps.

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