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What is SAP Integration?

The benefits of the HokuApps SAP integration platform are manifold. The SAP integration platform offers businesses integration services that are secure, reliable, and delivered and managed by SAP. HokuApps SAP supports integration between processes and data between on-premise, Cloud applications, and other external third-party applications.

7 Tips for Integrating SAP and non-SAP Systems

Automated programming of point-to-point interfaces between SAP and non-SAP solutions eradicates the possibilities of leveraging the benefits that may arise from the best-of-breed. On account of this, it is preferable for companies to use systematic business process integration solutions that accelerate project completion, simplify integration, lower risk, and guarantee that integration solutions are effortlessly maintained.

Challenges of SAP Integration in Business

SAP integration solutions offer flexibility and scalability necessary for established companies to refine business operations efficiency, comply more easily with regulations and execute complex business models that can be replicated in other areas or departments. HokuApps SAP integration platform is also pre-integrated to major ERP solutions. This ensures support for the complex transactional environments native to the ERP system.

SAP Integration : Some Basic Things to Know

Earlier, integration software was only affordable for large enterprises due to high cost. Today, however, businesses of all sizes can reap the benefits of SAP integration. SAP integration works to systematize operations among marketing, sales, customer service, supply chain management, etc. SAP integration among administrative, operational, and support systems boosts productivity by simplifying everyday enterprise functions.

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