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SAP Integration : Some Basic Things to Know

SAP integration focuses on integrating siloed assets in a company with external resources

A SAP integrator offers businesses the luxury of spending less time on resolving the challenges of integration and more on driving new business. Solutions like SAP integration work to facilitate multiple advantages, i.e., automating business processes, integrating systems and services, and the secure sharing of data across multiple applications. By overcoming challenges of SAP integration, organizations can connect systems internally and externally.

Companies lacking a SAP integration solution often take to manual data entry. This method requires individuals to transfer data between applications by hand. Obviously, this technique to connect SAP and non-SAP systems is time-consuming and expensive. While companies may employ data loaders or other tools to help SAP integration, the systems suffer from limited connectivity to certain services. This severely compromises scalability. The solution is automated system integration.

Here’s the structure of this e-book:

1) The Need for SAP ERP Integration

2)The Challenge of SAP Integration

3)Solving the SAP Integration Challenge

4)Prioritizing Business and IT with SAP Integration

The automation of critical business processes through SAP Integration frees companies to dedicate resources and energy to the goal of driving new business. Read the e-book to know more.

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