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SAP Integration: An Overview

HokuApps SAP integration solutions help connect SAP with any non-SAP system to utilise SAP functionality via mobile devices, web interfaces & third party apps with the help of feature rich developer tools and a platform created specifically for API-based connectivity. HokuApps delivers secure, scalable, and proven integration solutions to connect SAP ERP with the rest of your software systems.

Packaged ERP software like SAP provide a variety of functions for better operationality. A SAP system automates business functions to provide better visibility and improve on business efficiency. However, this goal will not be achieved without integration of SAP and non-SAP products. This is a primary struggle that organizations face, which keeps them from meeting growing customer demands.

With traditional system integration processes, the time frame can take upto a year to be fully operational. On the other hand System Integrations takes just days with HokuApps SAP integration solution. Even if the integration of stand-alone software with SAP may look like complex & time consuming task , the resulting consolidation saves significant amount of time & cost. To this end, enterprises need to explore new ways to integrate disparate system applications and create a unified business architecture.
Overview of SAP Integration
SAP System Integration SAP ERP is one of the most powerful business systems which provides deep insights into core areas of your business. However, you will need to integrate other systems to give you insights into peripheral areas of your business to get a complete picture. Integration is necessary to handle specific functions that SAP isn’t known to handle well. Ignoring integrating SAP with other non-SAP systems is a precarious scenario where businesses won’t be secure enough to gain full value & visibility from their various SAP tools and third party investments.

SAP Application Integration The SAP software enables companies to optimize core business functions like finance, accounting, supply chain management, human resource management and such. Without proper integrations, companies will fail to automate their business processes. With HokuApps SAP integration, you can emerge as a business that is progressing flawlessly to complicated landscapes to address needs and technology requirements.

SAP ERP Integration HokuApps SAP integration is a cloud-based integration solution that provides an automated (low-code) and graphical (drag and drop method) interface to create connections among different applications, data and devices. Our SAP integration solutions and tools integrate apps in a matter of days instead of months so that you can stay connected to your business from ‘anytime-anywhere’. Key Features include intelligently mapped data fields to create solid structured workflows to streamline operations. It also enables to have customised dashboards & intelligent business reporting The integration is elastic to accommodate scalability.

HokuApps SAP Integration Solutions

Although SAP system can be used for varied purposes, we’ll stay on track by explaining the three most common use cases, i.e., Integration with CRM, Integration with Supplier Systems and Integration with other Third-Party (non-SAP) Purchase Order Software.
HokuApps - SAP Integration Solutions
Integration with CRM Applications: This is the most common integration that you will come across where data from Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software is designed for integration with SAP ERP systems. For example, when a sales rep adds a new customer to the system, it is important for this person to get all customer details like performance management, profile and financials handled in SAP synced in the CRM. This ensures real-time data synchronization among systems to increase agility of the business.

Integration with Supplier Systems: Integrating supplier systems with SAP ERP is another common integration. For example, when a purchase requisition for raw material or a component is created in a SAP system, the request requirements need to be forwarded to all connect suppliers. These suppliers will then respond with quotes which are then routed back to the SAP system for further analysis.

Integration with Third Party Purchase Order Systems: The last scenario is the integration of non-SAP purchase order systems with SAP systems. In this case, SAP system integration enables new purchase orders to be immediately sent to vendors and is made available in SAP integrated system.
HokuApps - SAP Integration Solutions

Experience the Advantage HokuApps SAP Integration

HokuApps SAP system integration eases information transfer between disparate systems which a business employs. Our SAP integration solutions simplify the data collation process to eradicate redundancies associated with each app to collect and store information by creating a single point of information access thereby, reducing time spent on searching for data. This way not only time gets saved but data updates become instantaneous as well.
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Automate operations with HokuApps SAP Integration SAP system integration systematizes operations involving functions and information associated with these software and more. For instance, data from a CRM software may be used simultaneously with an e-mail marketing automation software to send targeted ‘drip’ campaigns to users based on their online search histories, demographics and purchase patterns. This task can be integrated with a Business Intelligence software to track and improve the campaign. This approach will yield maximum results for any business.

HokuApps SAP Integration to Reduce Workload on IT The IT departments of any business are always in a lot of pressure to keep the business technologies in fit conditions. Normally, most of the IT staff are stuck with rudimentary work which can cost the company. Integrating new systems with existing legacy systems reduces such issues for smooth running of business. By fortifying data and operations of all applications into one unified system, the integration reduces effort while optimizing production.
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Advantage of enterprise mobility
Boost Agility with HokuApps SAP Integration One of SAP’s critical functions is to equip businesses to identify favourable opportunities and to act upon them immediately. Because of its access to extensive and varied datasets, HokuApps SAP integration allows companies to make swift changes based on market fluctuations, random industry trends & customer demands to tackle supply chain issues, and address reputation concerns, from one unified platform.

HokuApps SAP Integration is Low Maintenance With traditional system integration solutions, there is high maintenance demands post installation. However, with the HokuApps SAP integration, the solution provides users with access to the latest updates as soon as they are released. Upgrades are of the utmost importance to safeguard the data-flows among multiple cloud-based systems. In this regard, the HokuApps system integration platform is a remarkable solution which offers constant upgrades at no extra costs, to all systems.
Enterprise Digitization with SAP Integration
The ultimate aim of the HokuApps SAP integration solution is to digitize enterprises to an optimal level to enable them to interact more within the digital space, inside and outside the enterprise. SAP system integration and application programming creates digital channels of communication between data, customers and business partners via mobile devices so that they can access data-laden information and analysis, on the go.

Moreover, SAP integration with other systems gives power back to the customer so as to interact more freely with the organization to refine products and services. This accelerates the development of new products and services to keep up with customer demands. Ultimately, enterprise mobility is crucial to the transformation into one that can thrive in the age of the digital.