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Maximize your Workforce’s True Potential

Implement one, singular solution across your workforce, whether full-time, part-time or seasonal. Align efforts for better outcomes and keep employees happy with HokuApps.

Control Costs and Ensure Accurate Payments for Every Worker

With so many ranks, designations and responsibilities to handle, it’s often easy to make an error and cause employee grievances. HokuApps helps you achieve compliance with regional and global workforce laws in a manner that’s suited to your manufacturing enterprise.

Discover a workforce management tool for the manufacturing industry.

We help adopt digitalization in order to cut down on manual dependencies, optimizing workforce potential.
Speed up payroll transactions and reduce costs, improving organizational profitability
Time & Attendance
Regularly monitor log-in and log-out, with remote workforce and idle-hour support
Contract Labor Management
Fill resource gaps with strategically identified contractual workers, without disrupting BAU
Employee Self-Service Management
Empower your workers and eliminate the need for human intervention for routine activities

Increase Your Workforce ROI and Enhance ESAT Rates

Your workforce is probably the biggest asset in any manufacturing enterprise. They are responsible for strategically guiding the organization towards better outcomes and future success. HokuApps Workforce Management solutions simplify daily tasks like payroll, time & attendance and workflow scheduling. You spend less time on HR, and re-invest in value addition.
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Key Benefits
Better visibility over incoming & existing talent pools for effective employee assignment
Compliance with wage, benefits, and overtime laws with HokuApps
Predictability into future workforce needs, increasing manufacturing capabilities
Greater scalability by tapping into contractual or ‘gig’ workers
Enhanced employee engagement through self-service and deeper information access
Bottom-line improvement through workforce investment maximization & productivity uptake

Improve Productivity from Top Floor to Shop Floor

The HokuApps platform for manufacturing provides them with an edge to stay competitive by improving productivity, engagement with stakeholders, equipment management, smooth work deployment, and inventory management.
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