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Take Data-driven Supply Chain Decisions

Digitally connect the different notes of your supply chain and utilize key metrics to improve decision-making. Accelerate processes with our Supply Chain Management apps.

Give Your Manufacturing Organization an Intuitive Supply Chain

In the digital economy, success hinges on the right decisions based on the right data, taken at exactly the right time. Our Supply Chain Management applications offer extended visibility across shipments, vendors, incoming stock and future demands. Gain from genuine predictability and ensure positive business outcomes.

Integrate supply chain modules with HokuApps.

We help digitally transform your approach to supplier shipment and demand management, giving you real-time visibility.
Transport Management
Monitor your fleet, so no shipment is ever lost or quality compromised
Packing and Shipping Management
Automate manual tasks when shipping your products, reducing delivery timelines
Distribution Management
Control distribution-related activities from a single touchpoint, making your manager’s life easier
Fleet Management
From fuel efficiency to part maintenance, keep fleet performance at an optimum with HokuApps

Visualize the Moving Parts of Your Supply Chain with HokuApps

By linking the material and digital aspects of your supply chain, you can create an uninterrupted flow of information across stock availability, demand forecasting, and available human/financial resources. This helps better allocate efforts and investments, leveraging the power of a unified system to drive outcomes in the near as well as the long-term.
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Key Benefits
Human insights augmented via real-time/historical supply chain information
Incremental supply chain improvements over time by learning from data records
Precise alignment of available stock to future demand, minimizing waste
Automated tasks to reduce efforts and replenish manufacturing units at timely intervals
Optimized fleet performance, reducing fuel and energy wastage
Enhanced predictability as far as multiple years, driving supply chain sustainability

Improve Productivity from Top Floor to Shop Floor

The HokuApps platform for manufacturing provides them with an edge to stay competitive by improving productivity, engagement with stakeholders, equipment management, smooth work deployment, and inventory management.
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