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Adhere to Stringent Global Standards around Quality

Prevent gaps, slips and misses in your manufacturing value chain. Leverage HokuApps to refine quality management, in alignment with your organization’s core purpose and strategic direction.

Meet and Exceed Quality Benchmarks and Enhance Customer Satisfaction

Your manufacturing organization is surely replete with internal and external quality management policies. It could be difficult for your employees to ensure these benchmarks are always met. Provide tools that make quality adherence a simple task, maintaining consistent levels in production and customer satisfaction rates.

Redefine business processes, focused on organizational & customer requirements.

HokuApps helps align the manufacturing flow to quality best practices.
Production Process Monitoring
Prevent errors during the production cycle by constantly monitoring against essential milestones
Corrective Action Request Management
Quickly resolve queries, complaints and tickets, expediting course correction in critical scenarios
Statistical Process Control
Achieve real-time process measurements and initiate improvements dynamically
Machines and Assets Management
Keep your physical assets performing at an optimum with prompt maintenance and repair

Architect a Robust and Reliable Manufacturing System

In the digital era, quality is not an intangible attribute. Check your manufacturing processes against detailed checklists, global standards and customer-specific parameters. HokuApps solutions let you constantly monitor the entire manufacturing environment for any possible lacunae, keeping you compliant and performance-focused.
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Key Benefits
Enablement of certification against requirements set by authorities
Seamless alignment to complex organizational protocol for new sites
Standardization of quality management systems across locations
Preventive measures ensuring quality management in future years
Seamless onboarding of new vendors and stakeholders into your QMS
Rigorous checking of products to ensure customer delight

Improve Productivity from Top Floor to Shop Floor

The HokuApps platform for manufacturing provides them with an edge to stay competitive by improving productivity, engagement with stakeholders, equipment management, smooth work deployment, and inventory management.
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