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Easily Convert Production Inputs into Real-World Revenues

Envision a strategy for the complete digitalization of manufacturing operations. Control your production pipeline, from material input to final delivery, with our holistic solutions.

Iron Out Knots in Your Production Lifecycle

Production is probably the most vital part of your manufacturing enterprise. By maintaining the highest level of efficiency possible and preventing errors in routine jobs like finance, billing or CRM, you can significantly add to your bottom line and witness greater profitability. Transform production operations with HokuApps.

Combine quality with consistency on the production floor.

HokuApps helps you tackle high manufacturing volumes without straining your workforce or impacting your customers.
Product Lifecycle Management
Maintain continuity across the product lifecycle, from inception to design & manufacture, to sustenance
Shop Floor Management
Manage operations, inventory, equipment and workers with ease, boosting shop floor performance
Finance & Billing Management
Quickly process invoices and transactions, speeding up manufacturing processes and consequently, revenues generation
Customer Relationship Management
Deliver exceptional service/product quality, quickly responding to any complaint and mitigate corporate risks

Create an Ecosystem of Industry-Specific Functionalities

The primary objective for any operations manager is to reduce time to production, without compromising on individual product quality. We help empower your manufacturing stakeholders with the tools required to garner exceptional outcomes.
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Key Benefits
Reduced time to production, helping launch new products at a rapid clip
Seamless connectivity across the shop floor with centralized KPI monitoring
Improved vendor relationships powered by fast and transparent payments
Enhanced customer loyalty due to personalized complaint handling and resolution
Cost optimization across the production value chain by eliminating inefficiencies
New business opportunity identification by simplifying core processes

Improve Productivity from Top Floor to Shop Floor

The HokuApps platform for manufacturing provides them with an edge to stay competitive by improving productivity, engagement with stakeholders, equipment management, smooth work deployment, and inventory management.
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