Things to Consider While Selecting the Right Android Application Development Company

Things to Consider While Selecting the Right Android Application Development Company

The crux of human evolution has been our inherent ability to communicate with each other. This trait continues to be the key differentiator in today’s information-driven world. It comes as no surprise, then, that communication devices have assumed an irreplaceable position in our lives. To add to the advantage, mobile phones have been transforming the way we communicate. Mobile phone technology allowed us to extend our communicative channels to previously unexplored frontiers.

The 21st century has seen the ultimate evolution of the mobile phone technology. Technological advancements have caused the standard mobile device to give way to smartphones. These pocket-sized devices hold massive processing powers that allow us to use them across a myriad of utilities. However, as powerful as these devices may seem like, they are no more than expensive bricks without the logic that guides them. This is where the significance of mobile operating systems arises.

When we speak of mobile operating systems, the two names that tend to dominate the debate are Android and iOS. Both these mobile OS giants have their contention points when it comes to dominating the market scene. However, with nearly 80% of the market under its canopy, Android easily emerges as the winner in terms of popularity amongst users and android app programmers alike. One of the major reasons for this is the open source nature of Android application development and the much larger user base.

But developers are not the only segment of skilled personnel that is drawn to the innovative scope of Android devices. Businesses are taking interest in the possibilities that Android apps are capable of unlocking. The open source nature of these applications ensures the option of scalability. The high return on investment of Android apps is another strong motivator for business. Companies across industries have begun heavily investing in these devices. From business process management (BPM) to creating mappable databases, Android applications are assisting in the critical business process.

However, one of the most definitive challenges faced by non-tech companies is the lack of expertise in developing the applications. This leads to the need for the experts, i.e., the Android application development companies. However, choosing the right Android application development company can prove to be a tricky task and yet one of the driving factors behind the success (or failure) of the app.

What to Consider While Choosing the Best Android Application Development Company

What to Consider While Choosing the Best Android Application Development Company

Understand the Requirements of Your Application

The entire exercise of choosing the right Android application development company is based on the nature of your application. The purpose of the app defines the extent of the functionality and eventually the end result of the app. Enterprise applications can be found catering to varying degrees of business needs. From apps to boost office productivity to apps that are capable of handling data analysis, Android has them all.

The most important type of app that businesses require is the enterprise-specific apps such as ERP. These apps are implemented to assist with expense tracking, automation of salesforce, and so on. The variability in the requirements is a major factor that governs the Android application development company selection process. For example, if you need an app that solely focuses on the database management, you will need to choose a company that excels at it. This brings us to the next point.

Domain Knowledge and Expertise

Once you have defined the purpose and nature of your app, the next step is determining the level of expertise you expect from an Android application development company. Research is one of the pivotal factors in any project and especially so when your choosing to outsource your project to an Android application development company.

The research stage entails the investigating and exploring of the portfolios of various prospective Android application development companies. This allows you to have a clear understanding of the kind of applications they have developed and also their style. One of the most effective research methodologies involves the testing of previously developed apps. Browsing the app portfolio of an Android application development company gives you a clear idea of their area of expertise.

Additionally, it also gives you knew regions to explore with a particular app development partner. Client testimonials are another good source of information on an Android app development company’s experience.

An Efficient Workflow and Communication Channel - android application development company

An Efficient Workflow and Communication Channel

One of the most critical factors in the app development cycle is the presence of a comprehensive workflow design. An experienced Android app development company understands this. This is why most reputed app development companies have a dedicated team for each project request. While the team is developer heavy, a robust workflow design requires the involvement of other professionals as well — designers, project managers, and post-deployment executives among others.

Another decisive factor in the development phase is the maintenance of a clear channel of communication. The ideal Android application development company will have in place effective communication cycles and keep you updated on the latest progress and iteration of your application. It is important to understand that the project requires your complete involvement to ensure the desired results. A planned workflow design and proper communication are imperative to achieve this.

Developmental Approach

How an Android application development company builds your project will have an effect on two things: time and budget. Every project requires a development model that is customized to be in tune with the unique requirements of the project. If the Android application development company implements a ‘one size fits all’ approach, it may prove to be detrimental to the project. The results could be a delay in market deployment and effort duplication among other things.

Costing and Budget - android application development company

Costing and Budget

The budget is arguably the most important factors for any business planning an Android mobile app development. However, this point appears last in the list of things to consider while choosing the right Android application development company for your project. This is primarily because the development fees charged by an Android app development company does not guarantee the desired results.

The best practice here would be to determine the budget requirements of your application and strike a balance between expertise and cost of android application development with the right developers.


Choosing the right Android app development platform is a tricky task but that does not mean it is impossible to find the best match for your project. Following these simple tips can help you achieve just this. However, the most important aspect of the entire process is understanding your application. Without your clear guidance, the process’ roadmap stands to become cloudy.