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Prevent process disturbances with Restaurant Ops software

Streamline execution of all operations across the kitchen, HR team, accounts, and supplies handling. Keep your restaurant business running smoothly with HokuApps.

Boost Throughput by a Tangible Margin with Our Easy-To-Use Interface

Whether you’re a fine dining destination, a large-sized food court, or a busy takeaway counter, it’s likely that your kitchen staff always have their hands full. Don't waste time coordinating demand & supply, filling out paychecks and checking your equipment. Simplify all of this, and much more with HokuApps.

Hokuapps takes care of the app back-end, so you can focus on your diners.

Our solutions streamline processes and address any gaps in existing workflows, ensuring food & service quality is always exceptional.
Kitchen Management
Improve maintenance, reduce equipment downtime & easily process high order volumes with the right staff allocation
Employee Shift & Payroll Management
Rapidly adapt to seasonal demand flux with our temp role & permanent employee management solutions
Billing & Accounting Management
Automate invoice creation for different supply categories and accurately process vendors & partner transactions
Waste & Theft Control
Regularly monitor the available stock, new additions, and actual usage to immediately detect loss/fraud instances

Heighten Your Operational Efficiency Levels with HokuApps

Operations management at any F&B center is an extremely complex area, requiring seamless collaboration between suppliers, kitchen staff, front desk executives, and business stakeholders. You can’t afford any breakdowns that delay delivery or interrupt service timelines. Our applications ensure smooth management of key activities in the kitchen, HR office, and accounts desk.
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Key Benefits
Significant reduction in produce waste through effective measurement & monitoring
Revenue optimization by controlling theft via software-driven data records
Overtime reduction & easier hours through employee scheduling management tools
Extended kitchen equipment life with digitized repair & upkeep solutions
Overall opex reduction by eliminating physical & human capital inefficiencies
Accelerated accounts procedures, strengthening vendor & supplier relationships

Create an Experience with Connected Mobility Solution for Restaurant Operations

Leverage the power of mobile technology by availing restaurant mobility solution for offering exceptional services to customers with least efforts.
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