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Delight the modern diner with HokuApps Customer Management

Empower your on-floor executives and marketing professionals to meet customer expectations. Stay informed on dining preferences and order histories, with HokuApps solutions.

A Game-changing CRM for Business Success

In every sector, customers want memorable and personalized experiences. This is vital specifically in the F&B and restaurant industry, with its key focus on value. Our customer management systems help your staff streamline the diner journey from the moment they step into your restaurant. Better understand your ‘customer ‘pulse’ with HokuApps.

We've redefined what CRM means, to fit the needs of a new generation of diners.

HokuApps combines advanced data management techniques with marketing best practices to help serve your customers better.
Table Reservation & Booking
Optimize the very first touchpoint of any fine-dining experience with one-touch reservation & booking alteration
Customer Database
Build an end-to-end reservoir of customer data -- preferred visit times, recurring orders, dietary habits & more
Notification via SMS & Email
Create campaigns tailored to unique diner information, auto-sharing offer communications through Email and SMS
Poll & Survey
Gather feedback in minutes without inconveniencing the diner via online/on-premise applications, inspiring new ideas

Select HokuApps Customer Management to Grow Your Restaurant’s Reach

Studies reaffirm the common notion that most restaurant’s struggle to remain in business and often shut shop after only a few years. A robust & feature-rich customer management platform can counter this challenge, helping you stay updated on popular trends, continually monitor changing preferences & deliver tailored menus, themes, and promotions. We help reimagine how your diners experience restaurant services.
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Key Benefits
Reduction in support service requirements with automated booking capabilities
Holistic customer databases offering actionable insights for future pathways
Multi-channel marketing communication, connecting with a wider customer base
Frequent updates on diner behavior and sentiment, mitigating bad investments
ROI enhancement with customized restaurant programs and long term strategic decisions
Better CX and increased returning customer rates through digital innovation

Create an Experience with Connected Mobility Solution for Restaurant Operations

Leverage the power of mobile technology by availing restaurant mobility solution for offering exceptional services to customers with least efforts.
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