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Standardize practices, prices, and inventory models across all your outlets. Gain full visibility into produce & requirements implementing effective menus.

Offer Cost-Optimized and Impact-driven F&B Products

Simplify your supply chain so procurement costs never exceed projected budgets. Intelligently price your F&B offerings giving customers exactly what they want at industry-best rates. Use our applications to finetune menu creation and production & delivery pathways.

We help streamline your business's supply chain for better outcomes.

Recognize inefficiencies and choose the optimal vendor in every scenario, with HokuApps.
Procurement & Purchasing
Simplify supplies management & build a robust network of vendors in your region
Food & Beverage Costing
Make this essential component of your restaurant business geared for profitability in the near term, and the future
Menu Engineering
Conduct in-depth peer & competitor analysis outlining the ideal menu for your restaurant
Recipe & Production Management
Rid production procedures of common inefficiencies boosting recipe and item availability

Manage Restaurant Inventory with Minimal IT Expertise

Most F&B and restaurant networks are complex structures, involving multiple vendors, service executives, and business leaders. We offer a tightly integrated solution allowing you to govern core and ancillary processes from a single platform. Cut manual dependencies around supply procurement, access ingredients at competitive rates, and engineer menus that both delight the customer and enhance your bottomline.
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Key Benefits
Insights into competitor movements & market trends for smarter decision making
Faster audits with integrated procurement & purchase accounts, detailing transactions
Greater forecasting capabilities with historical data analysis & demand mapping
Best seller and blacklisted vendor identification, unlocking a competitive advantage
Menu, recipe, and taste regularization across different F&B outlets and child brands
Unified governance from the HQ, uncovering possible inefficiencies and new opportunities

Create an Experience with Connected Mobility Solution for Restaurant Operations

Leverage the power of mobile technology by availing restaurant mobility solution for offering exceptional services to customers with least efforts.
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