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Implement smarter Food Delivery Management

Effectively organize your internal talent pool and food delivery fleet. Empower customers to monitor status and track your vehicles in real time with HokuApps.

Augment Internal & Customer-facing Capabilities with Next-gen Delivery Management

Today, restaurants simply can’t do without an integrated delivery mechanism. It’s important to go beyond outmoded and time-consuming telephonic services and look at app-based F&B order fulfillment. HokuApps helps you coordinate internal resources and incoming orders, expediting the delivery pathway.

Enter a brand new era of F&B service excellence.

HokuApps solutions help modernize existing restaurant environments with new-age online capabilities.
Delivery Staff Management
Access dynamic schedules, rapidly allocate resources and align internal capabilities for order fulfillment
Order Tracking
Integrate a GPS-enabled real-time plugin to give your customers timely updates on delivery progress

Achieve High Delivery Up-time Across the Widest Possible Radius

Providing fast and reliable delivery services could give your restaurant a definitive edge in today’s competitive F&B environment. We help rapidly scale up your delivery radius & efficiency with digitized staff management. Customers can keep an eye on order status and monitor your fleet in real time, once the order is en route.
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Key Benefits
Internal capability enhancement without 3rd-party platform dependencies
Effort optimization via workforce monitoring, order acceptance, & resource realignment
Improved customer experiences with uninterrupted visibility into order progression
End-to-end delivery records making month-end calculations and yearly audits simpler
Seasonal hire support to handle demand spikes via effective delivery staff management
Fleet security assurance with on-road monitoring, remotely viewed at the HQ

Create an Experience with Connected Mobility Solution for Restaurant Operations

Leverage the power of mobile technology by availing restaurant mobility solution for offering exceptional services to customers with least efforts.
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