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Choose only the best suppliers and sub-contractors for your business

Don’t risk partnering with non-accredited vendors. Assess possible partnerships, coordinate ongoing ones, and rapidly expand your network with HokuApps.

Boost Performance for Third-Party Alliances

With a large portion of construction work outsourced to new/long-standing partners, it is often easy to miscommunicate or erroneously allocate efforts. We help handle all subcontractor transactions, whether it’s raising acquisitions and purchasing, or hiring contractual labor. Make your vendor network proactively work towards better results, with HokuApps.

Unify conversations with multiple suppliers, on a single platform.

HokuApps helps sort your business’ fine print, intelligently deploying third-party capabilities.
Subcontractors Management
Resolve formal queries, answer situational emergencies, and smartly allocate efforts using a single tool
Purchase Management
Digitize your purchase practice to keep a tab of expenses incurred and available stock, streamlining requisitions
Material Requirement Forecasting
Implement dynamic databases that are synced with on-field data, predicting the requisite material volumes
Inventory Management
Proactively tally your inventory and plan ahead, minimizing inventory waste and material shortage

Improve Contract Execution in the Near- and Long-Term

A supplier & inventory misfire could have major consequences at your site -- delaying projects, incurring costs, and de-motivating on-site workers. With HokuApps, you can combine supplier efficiency with in-house cost limitations. Achieve an ‘always-on’ construction business with minimal errors, waste, or resource gaps.
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Key Benefits
A platform to centrally orchestrate supplier queries, demands, contracts, and transactions
Speedy subcontractor onboarding, helping fill resource gaps and complete projects on-time
Deeper insights into equipment and materials for more accurate requisitions
Reduction in inventory costs via digitized management, eliminating any duplication
Your gateway to a reliable third-party network, driving future project scenarios
Enhanced scalability driven by a strong foundation of people relationships & digital tools

Revolutionizing The Construction Industry With Fully Custom Made App

Mobile applications for the construction industry help streamline all processes, improve customer satisfaction, increase ROI and lower operating costs.
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