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Optimize labor with Construction Project Management

Ensure your supers, foremen, and engineers are always informed about the latest updates, possible disruptions, and expected progress. Transform Project Management with HokuApps

Fortify the Pillar of Your Construction Business

For every construction project, complete visibility is key for getting the job done correctly. But faced with multiple unpredictable factors, like weather conditions, equipment breakdowns, and fluctuating costs, this isn’t an easy task. HokuApps Project Management software helps construction managers plan efficiently and factor in all of these moving parts.

HokuApps can help complete projects ahead of expected timelines.

Discover Project Management solutions for your industry, with all the checklists and parameters built-in.
Quality and Safety
Keep your site functioning at near-zero accidents & consistent quality via centralized governance
Equipment Management
Extend machine lifespan and prevent unplanned equipment downtime, with smarter maintenance
Job Cost Tracking
Monitor the various input costs for your projects, ensuring in-budget completion and intelligent investments
Job Time Tracking
Save manpower and FTE costs by tracking project schedules, actual work hours, idle time, and more
Designing and Measurements
Drive collaboration by achieving digital continuity across various stages in design & project conceptualization
Field Service Management
Simplify on-site communication and coordinate your workers for better project outcomes

Keep Tabs on Everything Vital to Your Project

Managing a construction project, is all about speed and efficiency. Our Project Management tools bring structure and clarity, beyond siloed models based on paper, Excel, and Outlook. HokuApps lets you quickly create and assign tasks, connect with remote executives, and realign your milestones as per external factors. Optimize efforts and meet your project deadlines with HokuApps
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Key Benefits
A unified platform to handle even the most granular project details, removing fragmentation
Reduction in tasks & documents duplication, streamlining costs and efforts
Enhanced predictability across multiple dimensions, maintaining preset costs & timelines
Industry-best database capabilities to manage engineering data and design information
Reduction in people & machinery costs, by identifying future needs and current problems
Seamless remote connectivity, linking on-field services to key project goals

Revolutionizing The Construction Industry With Fully Custom Made App

Mobile applications for the construction industry help streamline all processes, improve customer satisfaction, increase ROI and lower operating costs.
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