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Assemble a great crew both on and off-site

A business cannot sustain itself without focusing on its human resources. With HokuApps, we provide integrated HR and administrative software, guaranteeing project success.

Avoid Delays by Maximizing Your Available Team

At several construction sites, on-field employees risk missing out on the perks of white-collar roles. Provide your workforce with exhaustive support with HokuApps HR and admin services. Efficiently streamline payrolls to disburse payments on time, and lay equal importance to hourly workers with an integrated database.

Fill emerging roles and handle workforce requirements with HokuApps.

We help cover all the essentials without having to institute a separate HR team or even outsourcing operations.
Field Employees Reporting
Track field employees, centralize their data and manage audits from a single platform, massively lowering paperwork
Time and Attendance
Automate time-logging and attendance procedures through self-service modules, with remote work compatibility
Make payroll hassle-free and eliminate month-end complexities, regularizing payments
Contract Labor Management
Encourage oneness among third-party workers by integrating their data and workflows

Enhance Loyalty Among Your Employees with HokuApps

Deal with your people resources systematically and in an organized manner, without the outsourcing HR or hiring an expensive HR team. HokuApps provides the necessary infrastructure to handle payouts, track attendance, ensure work regularity and govern contractual agreement terms, allowing your workforce to perform at their very best.
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Key Benefits
Workflow scheduling & management centralization in-line with project checklists
Exception setting and multi-layered approvals for dynamic employee scenarios and needs
Trust enhancement among employees and vendors, with an integrated view of operations
Minimization of payment delays, reinforcing your position as a preferred partner/employer
Increased regularity of labor by digitalized time & attendance tracking
Best-fit HR solutions that blend in with other services across your construction company

Revolutionizing The Construction Industry With Fully Custom Made App

Mobile applications for the construction industry help streamline all processes, improve customer satisfaction, increase ROI and lower operating costs.
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