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Stay ahead of budgetary expectations and price flux

Ensure the integrity of all your accounts with HokuApps for Construction Finance. Easily absorb the impact of price fluctuations through greater predictability.

Complete Projects In-budget and Achieve Client Satisfaction

At HokuApps, we understand that even the smallest deviation from contractual terms or discrepancy in accounting could hold back your construction project. We help match operation costs to client expectations, and also maintain a competitive edge. Our solutions let you assess detailed budgets, automate invoices & contracts, and stick to forecasted expense reports.

HokuApps provides robust financial tools for construction managers.

We help you plan ahead and calculate against every possible variable.
Budget Estimation
Consider all your input costs and budget for incidental expenses in a simplified layout
Invoice Management
Streamline vendor & client relationships with automated invoice setup, minimizing confusion
Contract Management
Keep track of active contracts, close the ones already complete, and systematically tabulate the data
Expense Management
Let your executives digitally submit expense documents so you can quickly disburse/investigate payments

Discover a Strengthened Financial Backbone to Take on Large-Scale Projects

Your construction firm needs a powerful suite of accounting tools to keep up with rising input costs. By regularly analyzing expense scenarios, you can eliminate inefficiencies and re-invest your resources towards value-adding efforts. HokuApps offers a user-friendly platform to collate and manage all your financial information, enhancing visibility and easing routine inspections.
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Key Benefits
Analysis according to a diverse set of expense paraments, powering more accurate estimates
Detailed reports in simplified formats, giving your managers complete control over finances
Reduction in paperwork, future-proofing your enterprise and lowering costs
Better agility when accepting and assigning contracts, driving overall project speed
Loss mitigation by accounting for each and every variable right at project initialization
A single source of data, eliminating discrepancies and expediting project-end closures

Revolutionizing The Construction Industry With Fully Custom Made App

Mobile applications for the construction industry help streamline all processes, improve customer satisfaction, increase ROI and lower operating costs.
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