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Efficient travel desk management with HokuApps

Fortify your operational base by revamping a vital peg of your ecosystem — a robust, resourceful and consumer-focused travel desk management mechanism

A Gateway to Engage Customers and Garner Loyal Followers

The most important aspect of a travel and hospitality business is its consumer offering, which begins with a solid travel desk management system. Stay on top of your business with a reliable online booking portal, along with customer relationship management services, user-friendly layouts, automated support, and streamlined monetization options

Strengthen capabilities with Hokuapps travel & hospitality integrations.

We provide an exhaustive and fully configurable tool-kit to re-imagine your operations.
Online Booking System
Create an easily operable platform for users to make reservations and sort through hundreds of travel options
Customer Relationship Management
Understand exactly what your customers want by studying key user trends and dynamic consumer behavior
Customer Support and Chatbots
Provide instantaneous, interactive support to frequently asked questions by deploying smart chatbots
Global Payment Distribution System
Take your business to markets worldwide with our global distribution system, enabling cross-sector transactions
Streamlined App Monetization Strategies
Create revenue streams by striking advertisement partnerships with myriad brands, without charging your users

With HokuApps, Edge out Competitors with an All-inclusive Technology

With all the elements of a good travel & hospitality portal under one umbrella, you’re free to focus on business growth and expansion. Offer your customers everything they expect from a travel portal — bookings, research & filter options, and quick, responsive customer support. Gain a definitive edge with HokuApps modular and scalable business platform.
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Key Benefits
A comprehensive platform for users to book, research and plan their holidays
Increased customer retention in a competitive market through a one-stop shop
A wide network of partners & vendors, providing users with options, anywhere in the world
Deeper customers insights, helping deliver tailored solutions right at their fingertips
A significant revenue uptick by partnering with trusted, multi-channel advertisers
Granular filters allowing users to compare and research, before decision-making

Find New Ways to Make Your Customer’s Journey Easier

Mobile applications for hospitality help streamline processes, improve guest satisfaction, increase ROI and lower operating cost.
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