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Use HokuApps geolocation features for greater trust

With privacy now, a primary concern, give your users a reliable geolocation service including navigation and traffic alerts. Remotely monitor your fleet and avoid miscommunication.

Amplify Your Feature Set with GPS Technology

With many travel and hospitality businesses providing cookie-cutter services, gain a clear advantage through geo-location capabilities. Offer both user and vendor GPS, navigation and tracking features by partnering with HokuApps. Maximize user retention through local guides, optimal travel routes, and more.

Make geo-location a driver of value for your customers.

Go beyond siloed apps for navigation, car booking, and hotel locations with our integrated ecosystem.
Traffic and Travel GPS
Share local traffic information through your app, adding a utility function to your existing services
Smartphone Navigation Systems
Integrate the latest online maps to offer smartphone-based navigation guidance -- anytime, anywhere
Car Navigation Systems
Leverage navigation tools built specifically for cars, helping both solo travelers and your vendors
Travel Guidance and Alerts
Provide localized travel updates through in-app route guidance and push alerts on traffic anomalies
Fleet Management Services
Always remain on top of your fleet condition with GPS synchronization, ensuring on-time services

Travelers Will Always Know Where They Are with HokuApps

Why ask your users to rely on external apps, when you can provide every tool within one ecosystem? With HokuApps, integrate GPS, navigation, and tracking features within one app to help users travel anywhere in the world. Also, send them live updates on nearby car rentals and travel duration estimates.
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Key Benefits
Redefined positioning as a ‘local guide’ to your customer with 24/7 services
Native navigation support for a variety of smartphones maximizing compatibility
Travel safety assurance for users and partner drivers across your service area
Real-time alerts on local events and traffic gridlocks, delivered in-app
Remote fleet management, monitoring locations, proximity to destination & arrival time
Enhanced user experience through up-to-date on-road information & duration forecasting

Find New Ways to Make Your Customer’s Journey Easier

Mobile applications for hospitality help streamline processes, improve guest satisfaction, increase ROI and lower operating cost.
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