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Unify Financial & Accounting Tasks with HokuApps

Address inefficiency and long timelines when handling complex processes, with our automated solutions. Simplify tax management, invoicing, earnings analysis and internal accounting controls.

Make Business Accounting Fast and Hassle-free

With so much information pouring in from multiple sources you need a powerful application suite to streamline calculations. HokuApps helps reconcile financial details and simplify procurement management. You can analyze spends, conduct audits, and gain insights into taxation from one interface.

Build solutions tailored to your business requirements and scale.

HokuApps addresses key requirements in accounting & finance verticals enabling growth and profitability.
Accounting and Tax Management
Track accounting activities & tax duties, generating monthly, quarterly or annual reports
Automated Billing and Invoicing
Minimize human intervention with our automated invoicing against transactions saving time and effort
Procurement Management
Save crucial financial resources with integrated procurement management, channeling investments in key areas
Reporting and Analysis
Get regular updates on business health with detailed revenue & spends analysis
Audit and Internal Controls
Mitigate audit pressures through rigorous internal control on how resources are being allocated

Boost Profits and Avoid Year-end Challenges with Sound Financial Tools

Give yourself time to develop and expand your business operations with 360-degree financial & accounting assistance. With regular reports, smarter procurement agreements, and automated invoicing you save precious resources for more strategic investments. Partner with HokuApps to realize new business opportunities, and exciting ideas for innovation.
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Key Benefits
Lower dependency on external tax service providers by building in-house capabilities
Streamlined user-end billing and invoicing to free up essential human resources
Identification of possible optimization areas, saving budgets via intelligent procurement
Advanced analysis of your business’ financial status, improving budgetary allocation
Better internal audits on operational costs mitigating unnecessary expenses
Regularized and formalized funds management with insights into every transaction

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