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Eliminate complexities at every step of your transportation value chain with our next-gen applications. Discover heightened productivity with real-time insights, accessed anytime, anywhere.

Make Transport Management Smarter, Simpler, and Faster

HokuApps Transport Management System (TMS) provides size-agnostic solutions to fleet operators, consumer vehicle companies, supply chain managers, and other business stakeholders. Our intuitive and flexible architecture allows greater configurability, meeting a variety of transport requirements. The rich UX design and customer centricity also ensure exceptional business value.

No matter the niche or workflow, HokuApps make fully-custom logistics solutions.

Every business is different and with an increase demand for cross-country and transnational logistics, your business can stay ahead with a transport and logistics app.
Commodity Management
Address the unique needs of commodity management with our applications, geared for accurate planning, selection, and end-to-end monitoring
Map Integration
Follow your shipments’ movement across the delivery pathway with embedded maps, optimizing routes and enabling asset tracking in real time
Toll Management
Slash your tolling expenses and optimize transport opex with centralized controls, reporting/planning and payment processing
Freight Forwarding Work Station
Tackle export & customs documentation, shipment booking, and other key responsibilities with a focus on compliance and inventory efficiency

Achieve a Definitive Market Advantage with HokuApps Transport Management Solutions

In a fast-moving and competitive environment, you need constant and complete visibility. Our advanced applications for transport management simplify core processes around inbound and outbound domestic, as well as international, shipments. Leverage real-time insights gained from assets on the move, seamlessly integrate with in-app maps, and control the entire ecosystem through mobile dashboards.
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Key Benefits
Customizable, scalable, and efficient solutions for on-time delivery
Tangible outcomes and stringent SLA adherence
Intuitive and flexible architecture, driving next-gen transport applications
Easy deployment across multiple methods and processes
Rich UX in-sync with customer requirements and industry-best ideas
End-to-end visibility and collaboration for faster decision-making

Redefine Transportation and Logistics Through Digital Transformation

Change Everything About How Logistics Companies Plan, Procure and Fulfill with the HokuApps Platform.
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