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Rethink Hub Management with HokuApps Solutions

Ensure each node on your distribution chain is more than just a pass-through location. Digitally connect core processes and augment your hub management capabilities.

Strengthen Hub Capacity and Reduce Error Frequency To Near-Zero

Effortlessly multitask, remotely monitoring critical hub events like arrival and departure on a single app. Our solutions can help de-consolidate, separate and then consolidate goods, shipping consignments at correct timelines. Maintain strict quality benchmarks with visibility into all in-hub movements, avoiding non-compliance costs.

Maintaining benchmarks and compliance increases customer trust.

Maintain strict quality benchmarks with visibility into all in-hub movements, avoiding non-compliance costs.
Seal Information Tracking
Capture seal information at hub loading and hub receipt, without manual dependencies or paperwork.
Short & Excess Consignment Declaration
Move key logistics tasks like consignment error declarations to the hub, through digitized receipt and records sharing.
Pilferage Declaration
Improve transparency at every step of the supply chain by app-based pilferage declaration at any hub site.
Stock Management in Transportation Hub
Deploy feature-rich stock management tools to achieve warehouse-like efficiency at hub sites of any scale.

Maximize Your Hub Infrastructures with HokuApps Hub Management Solutions

Today, supply chain managers are always looking to improve visibility and reduce costs. Node locations such as hubs offer a great opportunity to remove inefficiencies, adopting next-gen applications to plan ahead and empower on-site managers. Our hub management solutions bring powerful, enterprise-grade capabilities at small and micro centers. As a result, overall supply chain effectiveness witnesses a massive uptick.
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Key Benefits
Effort optimization at hubs, expediting mission-critical tasks without straining resources.
Alignment of in-hub governance, standards, and processes to corporate guidelines.
Workforce empowerment through self-service access to goods and process information.
Transformation of each hub into a ‘nerve-center’, boosting revenues from individual node sites.
Zero learning curve for hub personnel, driven by easy-to-navigate applications.
Accurate resource allocation based on insights into asset and process performance.

Redefine Transportation and Logistics Through Digital Transformation

Change Everything About How Logistics Companies Plan, Procure and Fulfill with the HokuApps Platform.
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