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Leverage HokuApps Advanced Fleet Management Solutions

Imagine a world of connected, intelligent vehicles that require minimal maintenance and ensure superior on-road safety. Solve key pain-points like fuel efficiency with our solutions.

Re-invent Your Supply Chain and On-Road Safety

Address end-to-end fleet management requirements with our applications for maintenance, tracking, diagnostics, and fuel efficiency. With a customizable UI and an extensive feature set, our fleet management applications are built to deliver stellar performance at minimal costs and upkeep, making sure your drivers, assets and the equipment are always safe.

Track, analyze and improve your fleet operations.

Fleet or vehicle management solution includes a range of functions, like vehicle financing, vehicle maintenance, vehicle tracking, and diagnostics, driver management, speed management, fuel management, and health and safety management.
Vehicle Maintenance
Combine a simple UI with our powerful preventive models, reducing safety hazards and insurance impacts.
Engine Diagnostics Management
Closely monitor engine performance from any location, with onboard diagnostics support and app integrations.
Vehicle Movements Tracking
Utilize popular tracking methodologies like GPS to empower field executives and business stakeholders alike.
Fuel Management
Measure fuel consumption trends to detect possible optimization areas, reducing opex and adapting to rising fuel prices.
Drivers Behavior Monitoring
Ensure safe driving practices by real-time & constantly monitoring driver behavior and productivity.

Reinforce On-Road Performance and Safety With HokuApps Fleet Management Solutions

The transport sector is witnessing a massive shift, as ride-sharing companies, electric cars, and alternative commercial vehicles disrupt the market. Fleet managers must rapidly modernize their systems, adopting cutting-edge yet easy-to-use applications to coordinate movements. HokuApps’ Fleet Management solutions are based on years of domain experience, so that our developers can build the best-fit solutions for your enterprise.
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Key Benefits
End-to-end management of your distributed fleet from a single application.
Data-driven decisions through current fleet status updates and predictive insights.
Stringent compliance to emission standards powered by in-vehicle diagnostics.
Enhanced on-road safety via continuous driver, vehicle and auto-part monitoring.
Smarter resource allocation based on fleet inventory (demands & gaps) data.
Extended vehicle life and long-term cost reduction with preemptive maintenance.

Redefine Transportation and Logistics Through Digital Transformation

Change Everything About How Logistics Companies Plan, Procure and Fulfill with the HokuApps Platform.
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