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Deploy digitalized Retail Banking solutions today

Let B2C customers interact with your enterprise from any platform at a time of their convenience. Improve customer relationships & profitability with HokuApps Banking Solution.

Re-imagine Banking Interactions with One Stop Gateway

Modern customers are always looking for extremely high service quality and value-added products with every offering. To meet expectations and stand out against competitors, banks and credit unions need holistic retail banking applications. Partner with HokuApps to leverage cutting edge technologies like chatbots and instant transfers to amplify your capabilities.

Complement core products with our expansive retail banking solutions.

HokuApps addresses every touchpoint on your customer’s digital journey.
Personal Loans & Wealth Management
Digitally collect information, automate level-1 assessments and offer intuitive wealth management advisory services
Merchant Cards & Payments Solutions
Easily integrate your application to a host of 3rd-party payment providers, allowing your customer the power of choice
Payments Scheduling & Money Transfer
Prevent customer churn due to delayed payment processing or lack of scheduling options (domestic/global)
Automated Customer Service & Chatbots
Cut down query resolution timelines and reduce manual dependence through web-based/app-based chatbots

Delight Loyal Customers and Capture New Users

The days of branch-based retail banking are over. Customers now want every feature at their fingertips beyond 9-to-5 hours. HokuApps helps build full-scale Retail Banking applications with value-added integrations as well as seamless core task execution (loan approvals, card processes, and money transfer).
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Key Benefits
Faster loan processing reducing drop-off rates and long term attrition
Anytime, anywhere access to your banking products regardless of executive availability
Native application development, boosting UX & loading times (a retail banking essential)
Built-in security with standard authentication systems & biometric support
Staff requirement reduction, lowering operational costs and driving scalability
Interlinked with a variety of retail portals, increasing user conversion and revenues

Managing All Aspects Of Banking & Finance Operations Was Never This Easy

It's time to improve banking & finance operations by automating manual processes and using mobility solution for a more complete view of goods and payments.
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