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Strengthen capital management with Investment Banking technology

Help your clients maximize value through a plethora of investment options and channels. Build a broad network of strategic and financial relationships with HokuApps.

Diversify Portfolios and Boost Returns, Powered by Big Data

Resolve complexities in today’s dynamic and rapidly evolving capital marketplace. Partner with HokuApps to simplify key tasks like holding summary creation, insurance advisory, query resolution, and more. Ensure your customers always take the right call, at the right time.

HokuApps streamlines foundational activities in investment banking.

Using the power of Big Data, chatbot technologies, and next-gen CRM we deliver high positive outcome frequencies.
Portfolio Management & Holding Summary
Simulate your entire portfolio, displaying key details including account value, returns, buying power & price trends
Relationship Management
Estimate customer lifetime value and gauge personal preferences, fine-tuning investment pathways for enhanced CRM
Big Data Analysis
Extract insights from a pool of raw or unprocessed information, backing predictive & accurate investment decisions
Personal Finance Management
Offer on-time and robust investment advisory services in-sync with market movements and global purchasing trends
Chatbot & Customer Support
Replace outmoded broker-based transactions with next-gen chatbots & 24/7 support, streamlining service delivery

Achieve Service Excellence in a Highly Regulated Landscape

The investment industry has always used a fragmented mix of spreadsheets, real-time information, and standard CRM tools for conducting daily activities. Transformation is difficult considering global regulations and high transaction values. HokuApps introduces configurable software tools for Investment Banking. Leveraging our Big Data & chatbot experience, and our extensive domain knowledge, we help banks cater to low-high risk appetite customers in challenging market conditions.
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Key Benefits
Risk mitigation and high ROI driven by Big Data & advanced analytics
Priority portals for white label customers delivering additional value
Wide coverage across a range of asset classes, simplifying holding summary creation
Time & effort savings in routine customer support, redirected to market research
Individualized focus on each customer, strengthening relationships in the long term
Data collation across sources, platforms & formats for a holistic overview, aiding decisions

Managing All Aspects Of Banking & Finance Operations Was Never This Easy

It's time to improve banking & finance operations by automating manual processes and using mobility solution for a more complete view of goods and payments.
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