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Improve Insurance executives performance with HokuApps

Allow your on-field executives to achieve more with limited resources and timelines. Use our insurance-specific digital applications to increase and streamline sales.

Accelerate Claims Processing for Execs & Customers

Regardless of tech advancements, insurance remains a largely ‘human’ sector with on-field executives talking to customers every day. Our solutions are designed to amplify, not replace their role. Leverage portable, easy-to-use applications for calculations, claims processing, and frequent query resolution, freeing executives to build better relationships.

HokuApps tools cover all essential tasks in insurance management.

Partner with us to build customized solutions, addressing the unique requirements of your employees and buyers.
CRM & Lead Management
Deliver personalized customer journeys and help your agents garner greater loyalty, across different channels
Claims Management
Assess claims, accurately prioritize, and quickly process — or assign for investigation, at the click of a button
Insurance Calculator
Give your customers the visibility they need, and on-field reps the ability to provide exact insurance estimates
Claim Adjuster
Collate data from different disparate sources into a single platform, making final payments clear & transparent
Customer Self-Service
Boost front-end capabilities with a powerful self-service module, reducing your manual efforts

Gain New Leads and Build Lasting Relationships with Proactive Communication

The insurance sector is looking at a shift from cold calling-based manual business models, to an automated and proactive lead gathering framework. Today, your agents need robust applications to follow up on leads, connect with customers, and furnish every detail required. HokuApps helps balance this human element with technical competencies, through omnichannel self-service, best-in-class CRM, and zero-downtime online tools.
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Key Benefits
Operational cost reduction via automation of customer service and insurance calculation
Regulatory compliance through continued support and upgrades from our app developers
Customer empowerment via accurate and complete data sets based on unique scenarios
Field rep empowerment through mobile-friendly insurance and claims solutions
Single source of data helping to rapidly generate customer records and audit reports
Integrated Customer Relationship Management for better experiences & heightened loyalty

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