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Use Advanced Analytics for Data-driven Livestock Decisions

Keep an eye on finances, breeding requirements, grazing plans, and records around protein management. Partner with HokuApps to build a smart, digital solution for your farm.

Centralize Operations Related to Any Livestock Variant Management

A well-functioning and scalable livestock business would involve multiple cattle families, as well as poultry, horses, and other herd types. We build native & cross-platform mobile applications to help you manage these complex protein environments with ease.

Amplify decision-making capabilities and improve outputs with HokuApps.

Our solutions ensure that you’re always aware of incoming/existing livestock conditions, driving smarter production channels.
Catch Weight Management
Achieve error-free analysis of average vs. actual per item weight to bulk-optimize your protein inventory
Livestock Management
Unify livestock databases and allow ranchers/farm stakeholders to view and edit herd data
Livestock Procurement
Remove inefficiencies from your procurement pipeline, driving cost-effective vendor relationships
Meat Slaughtering
Implement specialized tools (ERP, Record Keeping, etc.) for slaughterhouses, dynamically monitoring processes

Calculate Animal & Herd Values for Differentiated Results

Given the complexity and the large number of variable factors surrounding any cattle rearing business, we understand that digitalization can drive a genuine difference. Our Protein Management solutions incorporate agro-specific technology to send you alerts in real-time, vital animal data through dashboards, and actionable insights for impactful decisions.
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Key Benefits
Reduction in manual dependencies, eliminating common errors and delays
Improved visibility for multiple stakeholders, at every rank, ensuring optimal farm performance
Accurate estimation of animal metrics, determining inventory status and procurement needs
Dedicated tools for specialized scenarios such as slaughterhouses and grazing sites
Enhancement of 3rd party alliances through smarter negotiations & digitized procurement
Opex reduction through lowering of FTE needs and better utilization of livestock feed

Digitizing the Farming Experience for Your Agribusiness

The HokuApps platform helps the farmers build an experience that stands out by understanding their unique needs, enhancing customer experience and customer engagement in the agribusiness ecosystem.
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