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Digitize Agro Production with Zero IT Dependency

Discover a scientific approach to managing production operations. Leverage our field-proven tools to introduce digital efficiencies for increasing product value.

Tech-Empower Your Agro-business Value Chain

Ensuring your produce is correctly processed, securely transported, and expertly handled can be a massive challenge -- given the number of people and processes involved. We help you schedule routine tasks at- a-click and gain insights to estimate future requirements for your agro-business.

HokuApps ensures the highest standards of production quality, without stretching your bottom line.

Easily manage complex production tasks and communicate with every stakeholder through digital channels.
Production Warehouse
Synchronize operations across warehouses while keeping individual modules performing at an optimum
Production Scheduling
From external logistics to internal workflows, organize and anticipate essential tasks at the site
Quality Management and Compliance
Adhere to stringent regulatory standards and organizational protocol, delivering quality products to end-buyers
Digital Manufacturing Insights
Gain from a fully connected production ecosystem with real-time insights on machinery, shipment, and worker safety
Supply Chain Management
Build an intelligent supply chain by connecting every touchpoint, addressing any cost leakage
Food Safety Management
Stay in-line with evolving benchmarks and achieve the requisite certifications (regional & global)

Deploy a Single Source of Information & Control Across Production Sites

Disparate data, out-of-sync processes, and miscommunication amongst suppliers/resellers can lead to lower margins and poor business health. HokuApps helps achieve integration at both granular (intra-warehouse) and holistic (inter-warehouse) levels. As a result, all your records are stored on a unified platform, driving better utilization of all available production resources.
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Key Benefits
Adherence to food safety & production quality standards, cementing market repute
Orchestration of supply chain & procurement stakeholders to ensure sustainable transactions
Minimization of product waste & reuse/upcycling of waste materials for greater value adds
“Digital manufacturing” models scaled specifically to meet agro-production needs
Real-time alerts & notifications received via mobile for on-the-go decision-making
Labor maximization via automated schedules, shift changes, and workforce management

Digitizing the Farming Experience for Your Agribusiness

The HokuApps platform helps the farmers build an experience that stands out by understanding their unique needs, enhancing customer experience and customer engagement in the agribusiness ecosystem.
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