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Discover a Comprehensive & Intuitive Dairy Management Tool

Easily manage large herds/animal groups, accurately calculating milk volume and production capabilities. Strengthen farm upkeep and animal wellbeing processes with HokuApps.

Automate Dairy Management for Extended Production Capacities

A dairy farm involves several difficult decisions at every juncture, like time for insemination, milking procedures, herd sorting, or feeding changes. Traditionally, all of this has depended on human judgment leading to frequent errors. HokuApps helps plan better and streamline dairy operations with a host of digital tools and predictive insights.

Bring systematic workflows to dairy operations with HokuApps.

\We provide end-to-end solutions for activity planning, operations management, and costs scenarios.
Dairy Planning
Access real-time alerts (calving, animal wellbeing, etc.) from your farms and expertly allocate resources
Dairy Operations
Consolidate operations management across multiple farm locations with detailed business dashboards
Dairy Costing
Make sure your dairy prices are perfectly in-sync with actual revenues/investments maintaining profitability

Stay Up-to-Date on Farm Events and Animal Status

In the dairy business, digital transformation has traditionally been a slow and incremental process. As a result, operations are replete with inefficiencies, leading to cost leakage. HokuApps offers ready-to-deploy applications for dairy management modernization. With real-time alerts and dynamic dashboards, users are always on top of the latest movements and business opportunities.
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Key Benefits
One touch dairy management guiding decisions across multiple farms
Enhance animal wellbeing with immediate notification on any health incident
Sustainable profit margins led by accurate cost & revenue estimation
Automated workflows to reduce manual efforts involved in day-on-day activity scheduling
Increased scalability via easier integration and sorting of new herds
Optimized costs & labor via precise feeding requirement mapping and worker requisition

Digitizing the Farming Experience for Your Agribusiness

The HokuApps platform helps the farmers build an experience that stands out by understanding their unique needs, enhancing customer experience and customer engagement in the agribusiness ecosystem.
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