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Connect All Your Healthcare HR & Accounting Processes

Your people are possibly the greatest asset of any healthcare environment. Discover how next-gen applications can maximize resource utilization, improving high-level visibility and on-ground efficiency.

Amplify Staff Performance And Ease Accounting Responsibilities

Standard HR & Accounting solutions aren’t designed for today’s multi-faceted healthcare environments. HokuApps solutions are built in-line with the specific regulations on working hours, compensation, performance measurement, and insurance protocols in action today. Partner with us to transform your people processes and modernize essential fiscal systems.

HR & accounting technology for healthcare under one single platform.

Explore how HokuApps can help your people better serve patient needs, completing routine tasks without errors.
Time & Attendance
Offer employees flexible and convenient clock-in options, ensuring compliance with work-hour and overtime norms
Payroll Management
Streamline hourly/monthly compensation disbursal with seamless integrations to your workforce management module
Shift Management
Communicate schedules, transfers, and shift changes to your entire workforce removing conflicts and discrepancies
Claims Management
Minimize insurance error/fraud possibilities and provide your patients hassle-free claims handling
Employee Performance Management
Evaluate and recognize workplace accomplishments, motivating personnel towards better outcomes
Corporate Billing
Standardize your B2B pipeline with corporate invoicing and priority customer support modules

Help Your Workforce Perform At Their Very Best, With Complete Mobility Solution

Traditionally, healthcare professionals at any level are compelled to work long hours, handle complex systems, and solve difficult workplace challenges every day. Our solutions dramatically reduce the efforts needed to complete HR & Accounting activities. Foster a culture of exceptional performance with our healthcare-specific HR solutions and ensure customers face near-zero issues during payments.
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Key Benefits
Accurate mapping of log-in/log-out time, directly linked to payroll management.
Zero delays or confusion around employee compensation, boosting workforce morale.
Optimized B2B & corporate customer pipeline, strengthening high-value relationships.
Insurance fraud risk mitigation with secure & intelligent claims management.
Better employee experiences, leading to lower turnover & reduced costs to the company
Smarter management of incoming revenues and outgoing costs, improving the bottom line.

Managing All Aspects of a Hospital Operations Was Never This Easy

Healthcare apps are transforming the medical and healthcare Industry. They have become a necessity and make it easier to take quick and apt decisions in an emergency. The HokuApps platform helps drive better coordination, improve diagnostic accuracy, maintain peer-to-peer communication and build a bridge of trust between doctors and patients.
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