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Elevate & Connect the End-to End Healthcare Operations

Don’t let your operational backlog slow down core hospital services. Partner with Hokuapps to simplify front, mid, and back-office tasks in any healthcare environment.

Redirect Your Health Resources To Strategic Initiatives

Operational responsibilities often occupy a large portion of your employees’ working hours, leading to inefficiencies and possible errors. Our applications reimagine key back-end and front-end tasks allowing your workforce to focus on what really matters. Further, our marketing solutions for hospitals offer an essential advantage in today’s healthcare landscape.

Helping digitize 360 degree healthcare operations with a suite of core and value-added modules.

Explore our services or connect with us directly to find the right application for streamlining your hospital admin & operations.
Front Desk Management
Offer patients and visitors exceptional experiences from the initial touch point, ensuring loyalty
Housekeeping & Laundry Management
Address the specialized needs of housekeeping and laundry professionals within secure medical environments
Laundry Management
Automate laundry upkeep and clothing refreshment workflows with drycleaning specific applications
Infrastructure Management
Maintain building regulations, energy utilization standards, and other key provisions with our infra management solution
Bed Management
Monitor the reduction in bed turnover time which is very essential for increasing hospital revenues
Marketing Management
Equip your marketers with the tools required to digitally reinforce your hospital’s brand recall & service reach

Remove Operational Inefficiencies In Your Hospital With Our Mobility Solutions

Everyday operational tasks are a major drain on your time, resources, and staff availability. Software applications built specifically to assist healthcare admins can reduce your opex, helping deliver services faster and at near-zero error levels. Leverage our solutions to modernize back-end tasks like laundry, pantry, and more, while also revamping your front office interface.
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Key Benefits
Measurable uptick in revenues, driven by seamless and efficient operations handling.
Streamlined experiences for doctors, patients, and visitors, boosting brand loyalty.
Massive reduction in paperwork via digitized systems and operational workflows.
Robust market positioning due to state-of-the-art & reliable infrastructure management.
Connected marketing capabilities, giving a competitive advantage in a crowded marketplace.
Greater scalability with easy-to-configure digital application (admin) functionalities.

Managing All Aspects of a Hospital Operations Was Never This Easy

Healthcare apps are transforming the medical and healthcare Industry. They have become a necessity and make it easier to take quick and apt decisions in an emergency. The HokuApps platform helps drive better coordination, improve diagnostic accuracy, maintain peer-to-peer communication and build a bridge of trust between doctors and patients.
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