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Create Engaging Product & Service Catalogs

Handle backend operations & customer-facing functions with ease using HokuApps integrated solution. Maintain databases, accept payments, and quickly respond to customer queries from a single platform.

Discover a Reinforced Online Presence for Your Store

No matter your industry or the size of your business, creating an ecommerce store can help significantly expand your customer base. What’s more your not held back by resource unavailability or locational limitations when selling your products. HokuApps simplifies the management of online stores, from sourcing raw materials to paying vendors and fulfilling orders.

Integrate multiple features & robust functionalities into your e-commerce app.

HokuApps helps take your business online, by streamlining complex backend tasks.
Online Inventory Management
Stay organized, avoid costly errors, and regularly monitor inventory activity with zero paperwork
Order Management
Manage sales & purchase orders & share delivery updates, increasing order capacities
Stock Listing Management
Speed up data entry processes & automate monotonous tasks by linking your orders to invoice modules
Vendor Fulfilment Management
Don’t waste manually sorting vendor relationships & documents, quickly fulfilling POs digitally
Returns Management
Maintain transparency across returns, reverse logistics & gatekeeping to ensure vendor/customer trust
Shipment Management
Expand your market coverage by digitalizing shipment monitoring, offering easy traceability to your customers

Build a Store Perfectly Insync with Your Retail Vision

In a competitive business environment, an online store can give you the edge you need to drive returns and stay ahead of other players. Whether you’re running a shopping mall, supplying materials to businesses, or interacting with thousands of customers in B2C areas -- efficient backend management is everything. HokuApps takes care of time-consuming tasks, so you’re free to focus on your business.
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Key Benefits
Real-time tracking of supplies and orders with mobile alerts & live updates
UI-friendly & feature-rich applications to accommodate current & future capabilities
Chat support enabling vendors & customers to directly communicate with your business
Enhancement of your existing user base via location-agnostic product delivery
Minimization of inventory waste by accurately mapping supply against demand
Reduction in daily timelines by shedding dependency on complex spreadsheets & paperwork

Digitizing the Selling Experience for Retail & Online Stores

The HokuApps platform helps retailer build an experience that stands out by understanding their unique needs, enhancing customer experience and customer engagement.
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